Pay per call is a comparatively newer form of advertising medium and so there some lots of questions being asked nowadays. So, we thought why don’t we segregate all the questions here and try to answer.

Before we start with the top 5 most frequently asked questions about pay per call networks and campaigns, first understand what is pay per call exactly and how this is different from another form of advertisements.

Unlike any other form of advertisements, in pay per call, we only pay to the publisher when someone will call the tracking number shown in the ad. The payout won’t be done for the display ad or clicks on the ad.

And in this way, the advertisers are in great profit. As only those will make a call who actually need the service or product. And so, the leads are highly targeted and so, chances of conversion are more.

Now as you understand what is pay per call, let’s understand the top 5 questions asked very frequently about the pay per call marketing.

#1 What are the benefits for advertisers with pay per call

Well, advertisers are in complete profit with pay per call as they have to pay only for the called leads and not for the clicks. Being an advertiser, you will have complete control over the traffic, leads and the sources.

Also, as the leads will be counted when someone will make the call and so, marketing budget need not be in Millions and a little lower can also work like charm with the same amount of leads. And the leads are highly targeted here with a maximum chance of conversion.

#2 Which all niches perform great with pay per call

All the business unit which works with the leads can work amazingly with the pay per call ads. The sectors like insurance, education, home services, travel, legal services, financial services are some of the top pay per call verticals.

#3 What are the benefits for a publisher with pay per call

Well, if you have targeted traffic and high-quality traffic which you think will be suitable for the niche, pay per call is for you. It offers way more payout than any other form of advertisement.

But this may or may not work with the generic traffic and so, you may need to be extra cautious while selecting the campaign type for your blog.

Some of the top traffic sources for pay per call include Google call-only ads and Bing call extensions. Social platforms like Facebook have also become primary traffic sources for many pay per call marketers in the industry.

#4 How the leads will be tracked with the pay per call

Here we use any inbound call tracking software called Ringba which provides all the call tracking features we need to track inbound calls and attribute them to marketing channels and keywords in a single platform. There is no manual intervention here and all can be done with the Ringba tool.

Usually, first the business gets a tracking number which is normally a toll-free number and that will be displayed with the ads. Ringba even provides access to toll-free and local tracking phone numbers in more than 60 countries. Now if someone is calling, depending on the caller’s need, the call will be routed to other numbers with the help of IVR and again all these are the automated process.

#5 How does a call is qualified as a lead?

This completely depends on the pay per call networks and the advertisers. They set different criteria for the different campaigns as per their need. Some set simply if the call is coming, that’s the lead while other make on the duration of the call.

Mostly, these are based on the following-

  • Duration of the call
  • Timing and time zone of the call
  • Geography of the received call and few more…


These were the top 5 questions asked frequently about the pay per call. I hope I am able to answer these. If you have any other query, feel free to ask in a comment.