Music is an incredible way of connecting everyone around us. Through music, we get to learn the taste and personality of someone. There are communities for music styles and concerts happening everywhere on the globe. Some of us even invest time, and it takes a lot of effort to learn how to play an instrument and write songs. Having the skills to play an instrument should be embraced all the time.

One way you can add more spark to your talent is by personalizing your musical instruments. According to Printful, there are simple ways in which you can decorate and customize your instruments. From stickers to complex artwork, you have all the creative liberty that you desire. Make your instruments reflect you in every way. Here are some fun ideas for decoration that you can use to customize your musical instruments.

Vinyl Stickers

One of the easiest and most popular ways of vamping up your instruments is by using customizable vinyl stickers. They are extremely easy to make, allowing each musician to create their own aesthetic at an accessible price. You can create stickers from your artwork, photographs, and even logos. Depending on the size of the instrument, you can also choose the measurements of the sticker. The options are endless, so let your creativity guide you.

If you are unsure about where to start, look online for inspiration and then design your own stickers. Keep in mind that the material must be resistant and waterproof. Vinyl stickers are by far the most durable while also looking incredible. If you want to personalize your music instrument somehow, this is a great option, as it gives you the freedom to do high-quality designs for accessible pricetags.

Vinyl stickers are a great start if you have an audience or want to create an image around your music. They are small and easy to use, and people can put them anywhere. Your musical instrument can carry your brand, so why not look into it?


Even if you’re not an artist, getting your instruments customized by someone is by far one of the coolest ways you can decorate them. And not to mention that if you decide to commission an artist for your decoration project, it can increase the value of your instrument. Transforming your guitar, for example, into a piece of art is also a cool way of reusing older instruments that may have failed the test of time. Even if you decide not to add some artistic design to your instruments, just painting them a bold color can completely change their appearance.

Having unique and colorful tools will always make a statement in front of your audience. Even simple designs that may seem boring, like zebra stripes, can look incredible on a dynamic surface. Before you start, take a quick look at what types of paints are safe for your instrument material and see how to apply and preserve them. This process will save you money and time before you start with the creative part. 

Rhinestones and Jewelry

Despite popular belief, a few extra accessories are very popular with those in the musical field. The classical design of musical instruments can be redecorated in more subtable ways than stickers and artwork. Tiny rhinestones and jewelry were used in the 70s and 80s to bring some spark, but their popularity still remains. The most famous example of this type of decoration is, of course, Taylor Swift and her rhinestone-covered guitars. You don’t have to cover the entire instrument in them, but small portions or designs will work just as well.

If you want to use old jewels, they‘re more discreet and intimate, but they can be just as rewarding for the right person. Tiny jewels can be hung from certain instruments, like guitar or violin, but there is no actual limitation. There is also a wide variety of options from where you can choose. Each genre of music has its own attributed accessories, so you can have an amazing time looking through them.


Also very popular among pop artists, glitter is one of the most fun ways you can decorate your musical instruments. It comes in many shapes and colors and is always easy to apply. You can create patterns and designs in glitter or simply spray the entire instrument. If you are into alternative types of music, there is black and silver glitter for all sizes.

The downside of glitter is that it can get a little bit messy if applied incorrectly. Furthermore, not to mention that you need to look for a special type of glitter adhesive that is safe and made for the material of your instrument. Decorating your musical instruments should be fun and should bring you happiness. Even small mistakes have their own beauty.

Holographic and Dual Chrome Foil

If you really want your musical instruments to make a statement and be as loud as possible, then holographic or dual chrome foil is for you. Not only is it insanely colorful and fun to look at, but the foil can be used to protect the instrument from dust, scratches, and small damages. You can find a large variety of foils, from thickness to color intensity, so it depends on what you want to use.

There’s no limitation when it comes to the colors and models that exist on this type of foil. Iridescent, black metallic, rainbow and pure gold are just some of the most popular ones out there. This decorative method has been frequently used with electrical instruments, as the metallic contacts between the two look incredible. The application procedure can be a bit complicated because you have to make sure that there are no air bubbles when you apply it, but you can also apply it in musical stores.