The long summer break can be difficult for kids and parents. Although being able to have a break from school is exciting for children, it can lead to boredom because of the length of the holiday. It can also leave parents struggling to think of affordable (or sometimes not-so-affordable) ways to keep the kids entertained.

Fortunately, with a little research, you can find a variety of events and activities that are not only great fun but also inexpensive—or even free, in some cases. This makes it far easier to keep the kids happy over the summer and takes some of the pressure off you as the parent. From fun festivals and tournaments to days out at the beach and pool parties, there are plenty of great options available.

Some of the Exciting Activities to Enjoy over the Summer Holiday

With the activity suggestions below, you can look forward to having fun with the kids this summer without spending a fortune. Some of the options to consider include:

1. Enjoy a picnic on the beach:

A day out at the beach is fun for adults and kids. By taking along a picnic, you don’t even have to worry about spending money on overpriced food and drinks sold by boardwalk vendors. You could even get together with friends who also have kids to organize your day out. This means the kids can have some fun with their friends, and you can relax and enjoy some adult company while you soak up some sunshine.

2. Head to a cornhole event:

Cornhole is a fun and entertaining event for both participants and spectators. There are many events taking place over the course of the summer, so you can take the kids along to one of these. Often, the events are part of a bigger festival, which means you get to look forward to more entertainment and excitement. Simply go online and take a look at events coming up in and around your area, or purchase a Baggo set and host your own event.

3. A pool party at home:

If you are looking for something fun to do at home with the kids, a pool party is an excellent idea. Organize some buffet food and crank up the music. Invite some of the kids’ friends along to help liven up the atmosphere. You can add some lawn games like Baggo, shuffleboard, lawn darts, or ring toss.

4. A family movie day:

Going out with the kids on sunny days is great but if the weather turns you need to think about indoor activities. One great idea is to organize a movie day with the kids. This doesn’t have to cost you a cent, as you can now download movies with ease online. You can make a list of movies that the kids want to watch, get some popcorn or pizza, and settle down for some indoor entertainment. It is also an excellent way to get together as a family.

5. Organize a day out at the theme park:

Kids love theme parks and rides, so this is a great option to keep them entertained. You can often find special deals on voucher sites online or even on the theme park website, which can help to save you money on the cost of entry. Take along a packed lunch to avoid costly food prices, so you can afford a special ice cream reward or another treat at the park. A day out at the theme park will also tire the kids out, so you can be sure they will sleep well on your return.

6. Take a hike:

If you want to keep the kids busy with some healthy activity, hiking is an excellent idea. Find local walking trails or woodland areas that are not too far from home. This type of activity will enable the kids to enjoy some fresh air and exercise. It provides youngsters with a chance to appreciate nature, too. If you prefer, make it a biking hike. That way, you can carry your drinks and snacks more easily.

7. Arrange a baking day:

This is another great activity option if you need to stay indoors. Get the kids involved in helping you bake a variety of delicious treats. This will not only keep them busy but will also give them a sense of achievement. You can then settle down together and enjoy indulging in the various creations you have worked on.

8. Visit a local zoo:

A day out at the zoo is fun, exciting, educational, and entertaining. Visiting a local zoo means you can enjoy some quality time with the kids as well as a great day out. Spend the day learning about the various species and getting up close and personal with the animals. This is an excellent option if you have younger kids, as it will keep them entertained and enable them to learn. For really small children, a petting zoo is a great way to help them become comfortable around animals.

With these activities, you can enjoy having some fun with the kids without it costing too much. The children can look forward to a varied range of entertainment over the summer vacation.

Preparing in Advance

Preparing an itinerary in advance can be hugely helpful when it comes to organizing activities with the kids. Before they break up for the summer, go online and research the various events taking place in your area. Make a list of possibilities and get the kids involved in choosing what they want to do. Work out a calendar so you spread out the activities and give the children something to look forward to each month.

Another key benefit of preparing in advance is it will give you the opportunity to do some research. This means you can find the most cost-effective deals for places such as theme parks or discounts at the zoo or even free events like Shakespeare in the park, storytime at the library, or free concerts by local artists. It will also enable you to enjoy greater peace of mind in the knowledge that you have everything planned and sorted out for summer.

Jennifer is a mom of 2 and lover of all things outdoors-especially cornhole! She is an avid cornhole player for 11 years and doesn’t plan to stop until she is the cornhole champion of the world. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!