Most media companies are attracted to cooperation with sportsbooks, which is mutually beneficial. The result is attracting new customers and opening up new opportunities and markets. 

However, this requires authors and experts from media companies to create the highest quality sports betting content and gaming content. High-quality information will equally benefit the sportsbooks and next-gen players. In the first case, the material increases the rating of the bookmaker, highlighting it compared to the other companies. Other than that, media materials drive the attention of bettors exactly to this sportsbook. Bettors receive up-to-date and essential data: odds, sports events, tips, reviews. 

One of the so-called competitors of media structures and companies is YouTube. The gaming content on the platform covers various formats: news, game reviews, training videos, and competitions. After the general sports content, much attention is paid to the gaming content: Crash X, Dice Twice, Mines, Neko, Hamsta, Towers, and Fury stairs.

The presentation also attracts the audience of gamers: an expert with a sense of humor always wins over monotonous and dry statistics, especially when it comes to the zoomers: next-gen players, those who prefer fast-paced, top-quality content, eyes-pleasing UI and high availability 24/7. 

BETER Gaming — mind-blowing gaming experience for players

According to Newzoo, 73% of Millennials (both — women and men) play video games. This generation got used to game consoles in the same way as the older generation to television. In the context of gaming content, this audience also wants a certain quality of gaming products.

BETER is a leading sports and esports content provider that also offers another gripping  product vertical — BETER Gaming. BETER Turbo Games is entertaining players worldwide and multiplies the revenues of each of our new partners. This product utilizes a trusted algorithm to ensure a verifiably fair outcome of its games. Games are accessible 24/7, easy to play, and visually pleasing, attracting not only gamers but fans of interesting sports content. BETER provides top-notch gaming products that offer mind-blowing gaming experience.