Unfortunate things happen all the time. What can be difficult as a person involved in these sad accidents is the fact that there is usually some way you should get compensation for events that aren’t your fault. However, it can be a long and winding road to make that happen. Sometimes there is a lot of effort required on your part, and other times you even have to do things like using the legal system to get the sort of leverage needed to make people or companies pay up for their faults or negligence.

Three immediate situations come to mind. If you are personally injured, you should be compensated by the person or company at fault. If your job is somehow eliminated, either through layoffs or terminations or bankruptcy, that’s not your fault, and that means you should be given some pathway to find employment again. Or, you should at least get a severance package that makes sense for the work that you have done in the past for your employer. And finally, if you get in a traffic accident that is entirely not your fault, you should be compensated for all of the damage that occurs, and if there is an injury, you should be taken care of as well. For all of these hypothetical situations though, it often requires some serious effort for you to make the logical conclusion happen efficiently.

Personal Injuries

If you are personally injured, especially for reasons that have nothing to do with your own actions, you have a right to be very angry. And along with this anger, you have a right to get money or other compensation from the party who is at fault. It might be an individual. It might be a company. It might be an organization. Regardless of whose negligence was at fault, you need to do everything in your power to create a personal injury lawsuit against them if they do not cooperate with your requests. You need to be confident and assertive about your rights, and you need to hold them accountable for the actions that led to your pain-and-suffering.

Job Elimination

Another situation that is not your fault but you suffer the consequences for is if your job is eliminated. We see it in the news all the time. Some factory shuts down, and thousands of people are out of work. It is not the people’s fault that the factory shut down. But they are going to be the ones who suffer. In these cases, employers should find some way to give employees compensation for this drastic change in their standard of living. Perhaps a severance package of some sort makes sense. Maybe they can provide them with an option to relocate, or unemployment benefits they work for a little bit. And then perhaps some job training would finish up the cycle of compensation.

Traffic Accidents

And finally, there is the situation that occurs when you are in a traffic accident, and it’s not your fault. You were stopped at a stoplight, and someone rear-ended you. You did nothing to cause the crash, and yet you have the potential to have to fix your car, and you may even have to go to the hospital if you are injured somehow. In these cases, you need to get a lawyer behind you so that you know what your rights are. As long as you have car insurance, your insurance company should take care of some of it. In a just world, you would not suffer any ill consequences financially or socially because you had no fault in the event.

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