How to forget your ex girlfriends? Many people, after breaking up with their loved ones, have an irresistible urge to idealize and romanticize their past, believing that it was the best relationship in their life. So take your gadget or piece of paper and make a list of the things that annoyed you about your exes. Also, do not forget to write down all cases of your quarrels and disagreements there. You now have a tool to help you get down to earth whenever you want to remember how perfect your relationship was.

Also, it will be effective to replace your habits with new ones, moreover, aimed at improving yourself. For example, starting to actively engage in sports, you will have a strong incentive to replace the addiction with a new one.

Follow these tips for getting over ex girlfriends. If you want to forget your exes, struggle with your partner’s past or want to overcome retroactive jealousy, simply take online courses, read workbooks or use retroactive jealousy coaching on Retroactive Jealousy website.

getting over ex girlfriends

So, remove all their contacts from the phone and social networks, add their number to the blacklist, block all the accounts. Get rid of everything that reminds you of your exes: things they donated, common photos, stop appearing in those places where you spent time together with them. Exercise lowers levels of adrenaline, a hormone produced during stress. In addition, exercise is a powerful provider of positive emotions. Go for a run, sign up for the gym or pool, strengthen your body and spirit.

Books are another sure way to stop thinking about the girl. Make yourself a big list of books that you wanted to read sometime, and also do not forget to ask your friends for recommendations.

At some point, there will be no place in your head for negative thoughts. Plan an adventurous trip. It doesn’t have to be some crazy tour with endless adventures at every turn. Also, you should better change your environment for a while in order to get rid of the oppressive thoughts, thus it will become much easier for you.

Do not blame yourself for the fact that you still can’t get rid of the thoughts of your exes. Therefore, don’t blame yourself for breaking our advice. You should not blame yourself for the fact that you have already hung around several times in her favorite cafe, hoping to meet her.

Getting mad at yourself in such cases is not the most productive feeling. It prevents you from forgetting your ex girlfriends and moving towards a new life, in which you will find many interesting events and people.

Therefore, continue living your own life, reflect but without fanaticism, mind your own business, and at some point, you will realize that you can’t remember the last time you thought about your ex.

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Naturally, a person needs time in order to completely move away from bitter thoughts. Allow yourself to grieve a little, just do not get depressed and be able to throw out your emotions at the right time.

Grow professionally, earn more money, invest in yourself. Try to organize your own business. So much has been missed while you were dating your ex. Surely, you wanted to jump with a parachute, so go hiking, ride a bike. Seize the moment, use this opportunity to the maximum, as we live once. How much time and attention have you devoted to the closest people, to those who appreciate and love you? The moment has come when, by helping them, you will receive much more in return: an awareness of sincerity and reciprocity. Start dating and chatting with new girls. Your exes are not exceptional at all, they are just the source of your addiction. There are so many nice and beautiful girls around, open your eyes, stop wasting time and don’t deceive yourself. A new acquaintance is the best remedy for loneliness. Invest in yourself, pump up your self-esteem, become better and you will understand that there was only one reason for your despair: an illusion based on the physiological processes of your body. And remember, luckily you won’t find someone like your ex, but you can meet a much better girl.

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