Working from home has many positives. For instance, long commutes to the office are no longer necessary, and work schedules are flexible. However, contrary to popular belief, working from home is not all fun and games. Working in isolation can take its toll, so remote workers can always benefit from a little boost. If you want to brighten up your favorite remote worker’s life, here are some fabulous gift ideas that are sure to be very welcomed.

An Under Desk Elliptical Training Machine

One downside about working from home is workers are usually sitting down in front of a screen all day. Being physically inactive takes a toll on bodies, and it can lead to various health issues. So, a remote worker is sure to warmly welcome the gift of an under desk elliptical training machine. It allows users to put their lower-body muscles to work while sitting. And the height and angle can be adjusted to suit different postures.

A Wireless Charger

Lots of smartphones are now compatible with wireless charging. If your gift-recipient has such a phone, a high-power wireless charger makes the perfect gift. It ensures a phone battery lasts all day long, which is vital if the remote worker’s job involves spending a lot of time on the phone. It also means your gift-recipient can check notifications without having to pick up his or her phone physically. That means there are fewer distractions, and timewasting can be avoided.

A Gift Hamper

If you are stuck for ideas on what to buy a person working from home, a gift hamper is always an excellent choice. Everyone enjoys receiving a variety of tasty treats, and hampers are customizable, so you can include the types of foods, drinks, and other products that your gift-recipient favors. Hampers With Bite has an excellent range of gift hampers for all occasions and all kinds of people. You can choose from foods, beverages, and corporate branded gifts. There are even specific work-from-home hampers available.


If your gift-recipient is still using the same headphones he or she was using a decade ago, it is time for an upgrade. If a remote worker is dealing with conference calls all day long, headphones are an indispensable piece of equipment. But even if the home worker is not communicating with others daily, headphones are a great gift idea. Every remote worker needs to take a break. Playing music in between tasks is a fantastic way of renewing energy and motivation.

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A Temperature Control Smart Mug

Every worker needs a coffee mug. But in this modern age, you can go beyond buying someone a mug that simply has a humorous slogan on it. If you want to really impress your gift-recipient, consider purchasing a temperature control smart mug. The technological mug ensures a cup of tea or coffee is warm whenever a sip is taken. There are both battery-powered mugs and ones with chargers available, and users can choose what temperature the cup maintains. Never again will a remote worker have to take a sip of cold coffee and spend time making a new batch.