Ultimate Harry Potter fans look forward to learning about new merchandise featuring the likeness of the wizarding world. Meaning, the pressure is on to find the best gift for the fan you know. Pay attention to what the fan knows about Harry Potter, including favorite characters and personal hobbies. There are so many options for Harry Potter inspired gifts; you’ll be able to narrow down and pinpoint that special gift to show how much you care. Here are some ideas to consider as you start the hunt.


A vast selection of Harry Potter inspired jewelry gift options includes wand necklaces, time turner necklaces, charm bracelets, and rings. Many pieces feature different looks from antique to modern. The best choice will depend on what you think your friend or family member will like the most. There are jewelry options for men and women. If they have a collection of jewelry with similar pieces, ask them about jewelry pieces they would like to add or if there is something they’ve had their eye on to give you a hint on what to purchase.


There are many Harry Potter-inspired t-shirts featuring elements of the wizarding world such as broomsticks, words & sayings, and other themed artwork. While there are authorized and authentic apparel options available for purchase, you can also customize a t-shirt by getting creative with what you can find at your local craft store.

Coloring Book

Harry Potter has many extraordinary scenes and backgrounds. Fans can create a custom look while doing an activity that is relaxing and stress relieving. Harry Potter-inspired coloring books feature lots of details and unique drawings that are great to color with color pencils, watercolor paints, and markers. Many fans admit they enjoy the activity and find it therapeutic.

Games and toys

You’ll find a variety of games and toys inspired by Harry Potter, including Monopoly. The best Harry Potter Lego sets are great for Lego collectors and anyone who likes hands-on building toys. Many games and toys are not just for kids. Adult fans find them just as amusing, and some may be worth a pretty penny in the future.

Home and kitchen décor

Harry Potter-inspired home and kitchen décor items feature one-of-a-kind selections such as toilet decal stickers, pillow covers, coffee mugs, key racks, doormats, coasters, cookie cutters, bedding, and aprons. Many items feature sayings, words, or drawings serious fans will recognize upon the first glimpse. Finding the best gift for the Harry Potter fan you care about doesn’t have to be complicated. There are dozens of ideas to choose from but start with what you know. Keep the interests of the fan in mind as you browse options. Think about their personality, individuality, and reasons for being a Harry Potter fan. If they have lots of Harry Potter memorabilia, think about something different that would make their collection more special. Think about that special thing they may not have; they didn’t know they wanted.


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