So, you have a small kitchen. Are you alone in that?

Most certainly not.

With real estate and house prices zooming upwards, some people have no choice but to make do with less, implying smaller houses.

For others, it’s a conscious design choice and a challenge – to make the most out of the limited space in a small house.

In any case, small does not mean lifeless or tasteless.

Just because your house is small, it does not need to lack any design touches. Let’s take the example of the kitchen.

Tilottoma Limited, a leading interior design firm from Bangladesh, will reveal to you the top 5 interior design ideas for a small kitchen.

1. Breakfast nook

Select a corner in your kitchen, preferably near a window, install a bench along the wall or place a sofa along it and you’ve got your very own breakfast nook.

To save space, go for a table on wheels or even a foldable table that you can set up for breakfast and then move away when you don’t need it.

If you can invest in a sitting arrangement (whether bench or sofa) with storage space under it, even better.

You can spread a few pillows along the sofa for a quick lie-down and then shove them underneath in the storage space once you’re done.

Remember to have quick access to cleaning equipment, though, since you would want to dust crumbs off of your bench once you’re done eating – this will make the nook a really inviting place to relax.

As for colours, I would suggest a bright red upholstery for the sofa (if that’s what you’re using; for a bench, white linen will do) and matching bright wallpaper. This gives off a typical cafe vibe which will brighten up your eating experience.

2. Save space

This is a logical follow-up from the storage space underneath the sofa.

As far as possible, go for tables that you can move away or fold up when you no longer need them. Use the storage space under the sitting arrangement for pillows and linen for sitting/snoozing and cutlery and crockery that you use occasionally.

The point is, people typically use cabinets to keep all these things.

But, in a cramped kitchen, you should not allocate space for a cabinet unless you really need to. Anything that you should not need at a moment’s notice should be tucked away in storage spaces.

For knives and forks, you can use a holder on the cooking space. And for pots and pans that are used daily in cooking, try to use a wall rack.

3. Saving space, squared

Not only with these practical things like storage.

You should also find highly innovative ways of matching decor with storage.

For example your cutting board could double up as wall art; so make sure you get a cutting board that can hang on the wall.

4. High ceilings

This really isn’t specific to the kitchen but is good general advice for any small room design.

The ceiling should be suitably high. A small room with a low ceiling looks unbearably cramped.

With a high ceiling, the cramped feeling is not so apparent.

As a test, make sure that none of your furniture touches the ceiling.

What do you do for colour? White or blue would be my picks.

Why? Because with the ceiling painted with those colours, if someone gazes up, it feels just right. Not cramped, not too loud, not disturbing and certainly not odd.

5. Go for reasonable colours

Your colour scheme should be reasonable and match the mood you’re likely to be in.

Don’t assume broadly that bold colours will offset the small size of the kitchen and therefore go for as bold colours as you can.

Like I discussed earlier, for your breakfast nook, you can go for a bright red or moderate orange to give off a cafe vibe.

For your cooking space, go for green or lime, since I find both those colours relaxing and while you’re cooking, you need to be relaxed.

For the ceiling, go for something that does not look very bold or cramped. Try white or blue.

As for the floor, a bright mosaic would be my bet.

To sum up, the top 5 interior design ideas for a small kitchen are

  • Get a breakfast nook
  • Save space
  • Go for innovative decor ideas
  • Keep the ceiling high
  • Have an appropriate colour scheme

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I hope you have a wonderful time designing your own small kitchen!