Playing sports is always fun that keeps you active as well. You feel healthy and energetic while playing. Playing does not mean sitting inside the room in front of your computer screen and completing the levels of a game. It means to play some physical sports that not only makes you fit but also leaves a positive impact on mental health. Golf is one of the classy sports many people all around the world love to play. It is a game in which the player uses various clubs to hit the ball into the series of holes.

What is golfer’s elbow?

The golfer’s elbow is a type of tendinitis that affects the elbow. When tendons in the forearm muscle connect to the bone inside the elbow, then golfer’s elbow develops. Due to the repetitive movement of the hand, it becomes inflamed, irritated, and painful. The muscles that function to bend the wrist, hands, and fingers, etc. can be affected by the golfer’s elbow. When there is the pain in the elbow, it becomes difficult to move it.

Tendons attach the muscles to the bones, and it becomes injured the irritation and pain starts.


You cannot perform any task efficiently when there is the pain in your arm. Here are the symptoms of golfer’s elbow:

  • Weakness:

You may feel weakness in your hands or wrist. It may indicate that you are suffering from golfers elbow.

  • Stiffness:

You try to make a fist, but it hurts. If the elbow is feeling stiff, then you may be suffering from golfers elbow.

  • Numbness:

You may feel numbness in your arm. Also, you may feel sensation in your one or more fingers.

  • Tenderness:

You are suffering from golfers elbow; then you may feel pain on the inner side of the jostle. Or there may be the tenderness in your elbow. Sometimes the pain goes to the inner side of the forearm. When you feel pain, it typically makes it difficult to move the hand to do certain things. It not necessarily happens suddenly. The pain may start gradually and then may become worse. You may find it difficult to squeeze a ball, lift the weight, pick something with palm, shake hands, flex your wrist, or swing a racket.

Causes Of golfers elbow:

You know about the symptoms of golfers elbow now but what causes this problem. Let’s have a look:

You hold the swinging clubs with force or too tightly it can upset your muscles and tendons. You should make a firm grip while playing golf but do not hold it incorrectly. Do not think that it only happens by playing golf. Any activity that involves the hand movements may damage the tendons. Racket and throwing sports can also cause the medial epicondylitis. You should be very careful while lifting weight because it may also cause pain. So pick the weight up correctly.

Elbow braces:

You were playing golf, and suddenly you start feeling pain in your arm. You are suffering from golfers elbow. What to do now? You can treat it using ice and braces. Get the best golfers elbow brace. The elbow straps give the tremendous extra support. Also, it gives you the pain relief while playing golf. The best part with the elbow braces is that you get a tutorial along that makes it easy for you to know how to use it.

One thing that is necessary to know is that like the tennis elbow the treatment of golfers elbow varies on the basis of the condition of the person. Elbow brace in case of an injury reduces the pressure on epicondyle. It does not let the forearm muscles expand fully. Place it around the forearm muscle to reduce the load on them. The elbow brace sleeves also come in the market. To get benefited from it, it is essential how to place it correctly. Otherwise, there will be no point in wearing it on the arm. If the case is worsened and there was no reduction in pain, then the surgery may be required. But it happens in rare cases, but if it is so, immediately, consult a doctor.