As the AI battle continues to heat up, Google has just announced its own answer to ChatGPT – and it’s sure to shake things up.

Google has just announced its own answer to ChatGPT

Just like military commands and general mobilization efforts in times of war, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has asked its employees to join forces for the testing of a new artificial intelligence application – “ChatGPT” or as it’s been nicknamed by the company, “Bard”.

Pichai announced that the company is making strides to collaborate with partners in order to trial an API which will grant them access to the same groundbreaking technology.

On Monday, Pichai quickly followed up with news of Google’s soon-to-be released AI chat technology. This advanced software uses Artificial Intelligence to transform the way people communicate online and is slated for launch in the upcoming weeks.

Google had to step up their game following the huge success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, with Microsoft jumping in on its bandwagon. Since its release late last year, ChatGPT has become an instant hit and broken records for having the quickest growing app worldwide ever seen.

Pichai announced in an email to all Google employees that, just one week from now, they will be mobilized and invited to join a private pilot program of (Bard). Each individual can contribute significantly by taking part in the application’s launch.

With enthusiasm, he confirmed that more details of the project will be revealed soon to CNBC and Al viewers – comments from the team are welcomed in anticipation!

In response to CEO Sundar Pichai’s insistence that the quality, integrity, and relevance of Google Assistant’s responses must meet a high bar in order for them to be truly effective and useful, an internal memo was recently released by Google. The blog post emphasized that rigorous testing would need to be conducted on every potential answer given by the assistant before it is deemed satisfactory.

On the opposite side of rivalry, reports indicate that Microsoft is launching their own search engine Bing with ChatGPT to address users’ inquiries. Later on Tuesday, OpenAI Chief Executive Sam Altman will be attending Microsoft’s event.

Our dedication to this project is reminiscent of the hard-working, forward-thinking spirit we saw at Google in its earlier days.

I’m immensely thankful to everyone who put in their hard work and dedication,” Pichai declared in his memo on Monday.

Pichai also discussed the potential to allow developers and other third-party companies access to LaMDA, a chat app platform, via an API in order for them to create their own unique apps and products.