ChatGPT is the fastest growing app in history

ChatGPT generate articles, jokes, and even poetry and stories in response to prompts

UBS revealed the results of its study that ChatGPT from OpenAI had achieved a staggering 100 million monthly active users in just two months! This makes it the fastest-growing consumer app in history. As reported by Reuters, ChatGPT was launched in January and has since seen an exponential increase in popularity.

An incredible 13 million individuals visited ChatGPT each day in January, a massive 2x increase from December levels according to Similar web analytics.

In the past two decades since the dawn of the Internet age, UBS analysts state that they have never witnessed a more rapid incline in consumer web-based applications.

TikTok achieved an extraordinary feat of reaching 100 million users within only nine months following their global launch, virtually double the amount of time that Instagram needed to achieve such immense growth.

In late November, a company funded by Microsoft called OpenAI made ChatGPT available to the world for free. This incredible service can make articles, jokes, poems and stories in response to any prompts given! Don’t miss this opportunity to create amazing content with ease.

OpenAI unveiled an incredible service today, A monthly subscription of just $20 for US citizens. Not only will this secure and speedy service provide you with more reliable performance, but it also offers the unique chance to sample new features before anyone else does!

Analysts are confident that the release of ChatGPT will be a game-changer for OpenAI, providing them with an advantage over their competitors in AI development.