Arizona is for adventure-seeking tourists who can’t get enough of the state’s natural beauties. Between the canyons, rivers, and man-made attractions (like an unbeatable wine tour experience), deciding what to do while you’re in Arizona can be overwhelming.

But never fear, because we’ve picked out some of the top things to do in Arizona for you. Keep reading to discover the best things the southwest has to offer.

Five Top Things to Do In Arizona

There are so many beautiful attractions to explore in Arizona, so how do you pick which ones you get to do? We’ve outlined five amazing things to do on your next trip to the Grand Canyon state, starting with the most divine canyon in the world.

Once you know where to go, all you’ll need to do is hop in your car courtesy of your Arizona economy car rental service and head out on your Arizona adventures.

1. Visit the Grand Canyon

There’s a reason thousands of people head to the Grand Canyon every year. Not only is the canyon full of beautiful sites, but it stretches over 277 miles. When you head over to the greatest canyon to the world, you won’t’ be disappointed.

There are different ways to explore the Grand Canyon. You can tour the East, South, West, and North sides through jeeps, bikes, rafts, boats, horses, or even a helicopter.

Located within the Grand Canyon is Antelope Canyon. The area is described as a cave without a roof. The area exhibits radiant colors, which is why it’s one of the most photographed places in the world.

2. Walk Through Jerome

The town of Jerome, Arizona, used to be a busy and bustling place. The historic copper mining town was originally founded in 1876 and was the fourth largest city in Arizona. But the Great Depression and World War II decreased the world’s demand for copper, and eventually, the city became a ghost town.

Visitors can walk through Jerome and feel as if they have been transported back in time. There is a rich history, an abundance of shops and restaurants, and plenty to see in this beautiful ghost town.

3. Check out Verde Valley Wine Trail

Northern Arizona is home to a one-of-a-kind wine experience. The Verde Valley Wine Trail offers history, beautiful landscapes, and a variety of tasteful Arizona wines.

There are ten spots to stop at and explore throughout the Verde Valley Wine Trail. Stop at Chateau Tumbleweed for a relaxed Southwest wine experience. Or head over to Winery 101 and enjoy a flight of five hand-crafted wines.

4. Hike Through Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is packed with diverse desert and water landscapes. Located within the park is Rainbow Bridge, one of the world’s largest natural bridges that formed due to erosion.

While you’re at the park, you can’t miss Lake Powell. Positioned in the middle of rock canyons and mesas, Lake Powell is the largest man-made lake in North America. Take a tour of the lake on a boat or enjoy dinner on the sapphire-blue water.

5. Soak in the Views at Monument Valley Tribal Park

Welcome to one of the most photographed places in the world! Monument Valley Tribal Park features a plethora of sandstone creations that reach up to 1,000 feet tall. The park reaches over 90,000 acres throughout Arizona and Utah.

Natural winds and rains have eroded the land into layers of beautiful rocks for visitors to explore. The park offers guided tours that take you deep into the valley on a jeep. Afterward, visitors can check out Navajo arts, crafts, food, and purchase souvenirs.

Start Your Explorations

Now that you know the top things to do in Arizona, start planning your adventure! There’s a lot of southwestern beauty waiting for you.

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