1. Resourceful

No two Personal Assistant roles are the same, they all have their own unique requirements. However, what most commonly share is the fact that they are highly diverse and require exceptional organisation at all times – in particular the busy, reactive ones! In order to be successful in a highly diverse role, which requires multiple skill sets at multiple levels, a quality Personal Assistant must develop a strong and reliable network of resources to call upon for assistance. This could range from a graphic designer, to a stationery supplier, to a florist – then on to an internal business confidant, a peer or a mentor. All of these resources not only assist a PA  in getting the job done more effectively, they assist in getting the job done more efficiently, keeping them organised and in control.

As specialists in Personal Assistant recruitment, MJD Executive have successfully introduced many Personal Assistants and other office support professionals with people that have become strong mentors in their careers. We truly value the role of the mentor and believe that all professionals should seek multiple at differing levels of experience.

2. Exemplary attention to detail

It’s a given, being an outstanding Personal Assistant requires the individual to have an ‘eagle eye’ as they say! As much of the Personal Assistant’s role is quite often highly administrative, having an exceptional ability to create, proofread and enhance documents, diaries and desks is essential. But attention to detail doesn’t stop there – actively listening, pre-empting needs, asking questions and building effective working relationships are all signs of a quality Personal Assistant with great attentiveness.

As a specialist Personal Assistant recruitment firm MJD Executive has the ability to tutor and test Personal Assistants on their attention to detail as well as administrative capabilities.

3. Results orientation

As a Personal Assistant recruitment agency we listen to a lot of Managers and Executives talk about their desired attributes from a Personal Assistant. With a push for more and constant cost effectiveness, particularly from support staff, one of the biggest requests is for someone with great results orientation. PA’s with this quality find a way to get the job done no matter what, they meet deadlines and they focus on enhancing their skills to ensure they can achieve their goals

4. Business acumen

Another quality that is often spoken about when we liaise with HR professionals, Managers and Executives is business acumen. A Personal Assistant that is able to ‘read the play’ so to speak is invaluable. PA’s who take an active interest in building knowledge about the greater business not just their own teams can be a valuable resource to their Manager. So to are those who complete tasks with an understanding of why they are completing them, not just how to complete them – as this allows them to understand the impact of any changes or enhancements they need to make. The ability to confidently liaise with senior individuals, suppliers and clients with strong business acumen is also a huge advantage to a Manager and company brand.

As a Personal Assistant recruitment firm we conduct thorough behavioural based interviewing with our candidates and actively assess business acumen as an attribute.

5. Able to add value

Having that innate ability to understand what a Managers ‘pain points’ are and assist them in managing those is adding value. Identifying that there is a major training requirement in your team and sourcing options is adding value. Finding ways to create cost cutting initiatives is adding value. Remaining so organised with assigned tasks and being available to help out around the business or work on projects is adding value. There are so many ways that a quality Personal Assistant can go about making sure they are indispensable because they add so much value.

When handling Personal Assistant recruitment assignments, MJD Executive talk thoroughly with candidates about what their value proposition is. We take pride in representing candidates that are of high value to our clients.Want to learn more – contact MJD Executive on 02 8042 1840 for a confidential discussion. We love adding value to our clients and candidates too!