Whether you’re into interior design, or just want a comfy couch to flop on, whatever color it is, at the end of the day, we all want our houses to be a refuge where we can feel at ease, safe, and completely free to be ourselves.

Many of us look at a room in our home, and just feel like there’s something missing to complete that experience. We might know we need something to complete our home, and fully realize the vision we have in mind for what that space could be, but we’re just not sure what.

To help you bridge that divide, and create a space that you can both be proud of and completely unwind in, consider the following five furniture pieces that will round out any home.

A Loveseat

Nothing says comfort like a loveseat, and to help give your home that “Welcome to my pad!” feel, there’s nothing better.

Loveseats are great because they deliver the same level of relaxation as a couch, without taking up so much space. They’re also perfect for those couples looking to snuggle or get a little more intimate while they watch a movie.

Loveseats also come in a variety of styles or colors, so they can round out any type of theme you’re going for.

A Side Table

You’ve got a comfy couch, a 4 ft. HDTV, a coffee table, and a great speaker system; it would seem like your perfect living room is all set! Just one problem – there’s nowhere to put drinks, and no space for another coffee table.

Side tables are great because they give you all the benefits of a normal coffee table, without taking up so much space. Many also have small drawers for storage so you can stash your favorite books or magazines, out of sight and out of mind, when you need to free up even more space for snacks or drinks.

A Rug

No matter what room you’re talking about, or what colors or themes dominate the space, there’s a perfect accessory out there that will perfectly tie in and make any room more homey.

Rugs are especially great for families with a lot of furniture or children, because they help prevent wear on your floor, create something soft to protect your children during falls, and act as a failsafe that will keep stains and food from ingraining themselves in your carpet or hardwood.

Rugs are also perfect for emphasizing a mood or theme, because they come in such a wide variety of patterns, so there’s no doubt you can find a pattern or texture that will add to your room in a way no couch or cushion could.

A Footstool

No matter what room you’re talking about, when you’re at home, you want the option of kicking your shoes off, propping your feet up, and letting the fatigue drain from your legs for awhile. Footstools are a great option that allow you to do just that.

Aside from giving your feet a much deserved rest, footstools are small and light enough that they can be moved and stored easily when you’re not using them. Some even have options for additional storage, making them perfect for creating some additional space in your home.

Wall Art

You may have the perfect couch, plenty of storage, and complete harmony between your colors and patterns, but you’re still finding something missing, and don’t have much more space to spare. In cases like this, wall art or posters can be the perfect solution.

In addition to really making a room pop, wall art doesn’t take up any usable space, and depending on how heavy it is, can be repositioned with ease in the event it ever does get in the way. It’s also a great way to express your individuality by showcasing the artists who mean the most to you, or putting your own original pieces on display!

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