The Nissan Altima, either used or new, is one of the best cars that anyone can get in Rochester. It’s got all the things you’ve come to expect from a compact car, and it offers a whole range of other bells-and-whistles that a lot of owners have fallen in love with.

Getting a Nissan Altima in Rochester from a reputable company, such as, is an excellent choice for people who want a reliable and somewhat luxurious car to drive in the area.

If you’re not convinced, here are reasons why you should buy a Nissan Altima:

Premium Look and Feel

A lot of motorists have fallen in love with the Nissan Altima because of the way it feels on the road. It has always been a car that was positioned between the Sentra and the Maxima, but driving one gives the motorist that premium feel of luxury.

In addition, motorists are spoiled with the technologically advanced noise-canceling cabin. The newer models come with a floating display that controls navigation and hosts entertainment controls. It has wood and chrome accents paired up with seats that feature 8-way adjustment options so that the driver is positioned to get that perfect ride every time.

The exterior is styled to be its brand of sporty. It has a more aggressive look – the color options that come with the newer models make it look like a beast on the road. Everyone loves its lower profile, making it seem like it’s on the prowl, and its new redesigned grille adds to its appeal.

It might be marketed as a car that’s great for families, but it is a definite head-turner.

Nissan Altima

Great Engine and Drive

The Nissan Altima’s engine knows how to deliver performance on demand with 0-60 mph pegged at 5.8 seconds. This gives a driver the edge that they need to take their car to the next level.

It can change its compression ratio based on the needs of the driver. This allows it to be more agile when it comes to its performance.

The increase in its engine power also comes with excellent driving performance. The new SR comes tuned with better suspension that boosts its handling and gives any driver better responsiveness on the road.

It’s a car that was created to perform even though it’s marketed as a daily driver. Even used models can still perform well.

There’s Enough Space for Everything

One major obstacle that a lot of people face when purchasing a vehicle is the lack of space. This translates into many problems, such as the lack of legroom, headroom, or proper storage for all the items passengers have to lug around daily.

The Nissan Altima excels in providing enough room for everything that a motorist may need. That’s great for road trips and for families that need to carry a lot of items.

The backseats provide enough legroom for taller people or for passengers who just want to be able to stretch during those long rides. There’s also enough headroom for the car to be campy but spacious enough to enjoy.

The trunk offers a lot of additional space for luggage and storage during long trips compared to a regular Nissan Sentra.

Great Mileage

Gas prices will continue to increase in the future. Thus, drivers must maximize the use of a vehicle that isn’t too “thirsty.” Some Altima models will offer up to 39 mpg making it outstanding when it comes to savings.

However, the ones with higher performance engines, such as the ones equipped with a VC turbo, might consume a little bit more.

Everyone is aware that car ownership costs a lot of money, but by being able to save some money on upkeep costs, such as fuel, you can bring down the overall costs of owning a car.

There are a lot of used car options available for people looking for a better deal on their next Nissan Altima.

A Great Choice for Families

Given the space that the vehicle provides, the massive comfort, and it’s form factor, it remains to be an excellent choice for families wishing to have a great, well-rounded family car. It performs when it needs to, adapt to the conditions of the road, and, regardless of its market segment, it can give any car a run for their money.

For families who are straying away from the van type vehicle, the Nissan Altima is an excellent choice.


Anybody looking for a great compact car can rely on the Nissan Altima to deliver consistently both performance and luxury. It remains to be one of the best vehicles that a family can purchase, which offers them a lot of benefits when it comes to performance, space, and ride quality.

It’s a car you can bargain for and get significant performance regardless of the savings.