Driving required not is the chore and that it has become for lots of us and also as we struggle along stop and start commuter routes and overcrowded motorways. If people have got wheels and wanderlust and spot of time then start engines from the sunny shores of Portugal to the darkest dungeons of Dracula’s castle. Here are the best destinations available to travel in Europe.

Northern Italy

Region is well and then set up for road trips and with lot of hotels and just outside the cities and offering free or affordable parking to stay. Actually road tripping through northern Italy’s Tuscany and Emilia Romagna regions is an awesome way to see the northern Italy’s most beautiful cities and towns. With the lots of hotels just outside the cities offering free or affordable is parking along with the best rental car tips.


Going on road trip it is the one of best things to do in Slovenia and also involves driving around the unique scenic countryside. Also it is about hitting beautiful lacks, spotting castles, crossing forests and discovering lovely attraction in cities and consulting with locals.


Tiny and now so awesome Switzerland is such an extremely beautiful country and also truly believes that road tripping through Switzerland should be on each and every body’s bucket list. People cannot think of any other place and is packed with so much gorgeousness in such small space and if are looking the perfect picture and scrivener where the each detour is blessing.

Ring of Kerry Ireland

Now the Irish countryside is noted for its rugged beautiful and ring of Kerry is the idea European road trip fantastic. Actually 200km loop takes through the mountains to beaches lakes and rivers of emerald Isle. On the time you fly to Ireland can arrange to pick up a car rental near the airport and hit the road easily to enjoy the traveling.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Actually south Italy is the one of best vacation and destinations for European road trip and driving the Amalfi Coast will take any traveler back in the time. So as that along with the beautiful architecture of Italy on full display and is leading from the town to town traveling. It is the mix of history and architecture food and scenery makes one of the best road trips in Europe.

Eastern Europe

The roads available in Eastern Europe are very beautiful. Actually one of the reasons as why like Europe and can also visit lots of countries and in short time. Each of these countries has its own culture and people, architecture and especially landscapes for reasons in a month. It could be decided to go on spontaneous road trip and where would visit 5 countries in 7 days easily.


It is ethereal place and where can expect to get emerald green hills and bright blue waters trendy cities and also never ending countryside. Along with the country being fairly small in size and also possible to see most of Scotland and during the short road trip is unique. As people were on a bit of time limit we and only had 5 days to explore and saw a lot in the short period of time and European laws of traffic.

Trollstigen, Norway

Like the beautiful mountain pass and road is known like Troll Route and also famous for being one of the most scenic European road trips for enjoying. Actually from mountains to waterfalls, drivers will be able to experience and beauty of Norway while traveling from Andalsnes and Valldalen in the heart of the country.