Everyone wants to look and feel younger. The ageing process can leave us waking up with aching backs, fewer hairs on our head, and a desire to relive our youth. Whilst toupees for men can hide those missing hairs and a sports massage will work wonders for your back ache, there are plenty of other things you can also try to help wind back the years. Here are some top tips to help men look and feel younger than ever:

Start a Skin Care Routine

One of the first things people will notice about a man is the quality of his skin, particularly its tone, texture, and the evenness of the complexion. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and the natural collagen levels begin to decline. This can lead to dark circles, eye bags and those dreaded wrinkles.

Even if you’ve never taken care of your skin before, it’s never too late to start a skincare routine. The first step to take is to moisturise your skin every day. Dryness exaggerates signs of ageing in the face and the body, so injecting your skin with moisture will definitely help. Men’s skin tends to be thicker and coarser then women’s, so choose moisturiser designed specifically for male skin. These will permeate your skin and leave it feeling softer and smoother than ever before. If you’re serious about starting a new skincare routine then you could also introduce a cleanser and toner too. These will remove any dirt and impurities from your skin and help to tighten it, removing the skins of more minimal fine lines and wrinkles. Not sure where to start with a new skin care routine? Visit your local beauty counter and ask for some advice. You’ll be amazed by how many different options for men skin care products there actually are.

If you don’t like the idea of using skincare products, then there are other things you can do to take care of your skin. The best of these is to drink between six and eight cups of water every day, to ensure that your body is as hydrated as possible. This will give your skin a better tone and help to make you look and feel more youthful. Skin that isn’t properly hydrated tends to be dry, dark and sallow. As an added bonus, drinking plenty of water will also help you to feel more energised and will help to supress your appetite for fatty and unhealthy foods.

Our final skincare tip is to avoid too much sun exposure. Nothing ages the skin quite as much as sun damage! If you are going to be outside in the heat of the mid-day sun the you should always wear sun screen and cover up as much of your skin as possible (by wearing a shirt and hat). Remember that too much sun exposure will lead to brown spots and wrinkles on your skin, so avoiding the sun will instantly minimise your risk of developing these issues.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle

The anti-ageing effects of a healthy lifestyle simply can’t be faked. Getting plenty of sleep, exercising regularly and eating well will all ultimately help you to avoid the negative impacts of premature ageing.

The average adult needs between seven and nine hours of sleep each evening to perform optimally, but very few people actually get the sleep that they need. However not getting enough sleep can leave you with pronounced eye bags and struggling with a mental fog that can make you feel confused and struggling with memory issues. On the subject of lifestyle, if you want to look and feel younger then giving up smoking is absolutely essential. Cigarettes will leave you with stained teeth and hands, wrinkles and lines around your mouth, and skin that looks dull and dry. Nothing is more ageing that smoking, and nothing will reverse this ageing faster than giving up!

Having a healthy physique is also a core part of looking and feeling younger. Carrying excess weight, particularly around your middle, is immediately ageing. If you don’t already exercise on a daily basis then introducing exercise to your daily routine will help you to maintain your tone and your flexibility, look slimmer and trimmer, and will also help you to feel younger and more healthy. Age isn’t just a number, it is also a reflection of how you feel. Exercise releases endorphins that will make you feel great, and enjoying it regularly will soon have you looking and feeling ten years younger. Whilst you’re improving your body with exercise, you should also tailor a healthy diet plan to work alongside your workout routine. A Mediterranean diet loaded with chicken, fish, and an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to eat. Not only will this keep your body strong and healthy, it will also leave you feeling slim and strong when eaten alongside a healthy exercise routine.

Change Your Dress Code

Clothes are important, and nothing will age you faster than dressing beyond your years or, worse still, dressing far younger than you are. When out shopping for new clothes you should try to avoid any trend-led pieces and look to the classics instead. If you’re a middle-aged man and you start wearing the same clothes as your teenage sons the you will only look older, not younger.  Nothing screams mid-life crisis louder than a middle-aged man in this season’s latest kicks! Look for simple pieces in high quality fabrics and flattering colours. A pair of straight legged Levis jeans, for example, or a cobalt blue cashmere jumper with a V neck. These are the kinds of pieces you should be looking for and investing in.

As we age another fashion item that should be approached with caution is male jewellery. All that glitters certainly isn’t gold! Wearing too many oversized chains, a big gold watch, and other chunky pieces of jewellery (such as rings and bracelets) isn’t a sign of wealth and won’t make you look stylish, it will just make you look like an ageing gangster (and one without any taste!) If you do like to wear jewellery, then stick with a simple watch and one small and discrete necklace (crucifixes or St Christopher charms are popular choices). Toning down your jewellery as you age is more age appropriate and will actually serve to make you look younger.

Look at Your Body Hair

Finally, as we age, our body hair tends to become a little unrulier. We lose hair where we once had it (although luckily toupees for men can help to cover this) and gain hair where we’ve never had it before! You’ll find hair sprouting from your ears, nose, and your eye brows will begin to resemble a stray cat’s tail.

If you want to look younger and hide the impact that the ageing process is having on your body, then getting on top of your body hair is essential. Trim those eyebrows, pluck those ear and nose hairs, and give the rest of your body a long hard look too. If your hair is turning grey then cutting it shorter will make that grey hair less noticeable. This is particularly true of chest and beard hair.

On the subject of beard hair, you may want to consider growing a beard. This is a great way of concealing a saggy neckline and facial skin that is beginning to lose its elasticity. Beards are bang on trend this season, with more men of all ages choosing to grow them, so adding a beard right now won’t affect how old or young you feel and look. Beards are an ageless fashion accessory, and one that is well worth considering.