One of the biggest events that take place in colleges is the stereotypical annual college party. A lot of people do not like to attend these parties, while there are a lot of them that love going out to these parties. The biggest problem that these people face, who want to attend the party, is while choosing clothes and shoes for that party.

There are different styles that every school follows. But, there are some common things about the clothes and shoes that every school follows. This means that the basic style that most of the people chose for their dressing is almost the same for every college.


The shoe is an important part of your overall look. In college parties, it is mostly seen that people do not wear heels, rather flat pumps are preferred. Others include the sneakers and the black boots.

  • Sneakers

Any kind of sneaker would also be great to use. If you have enough money to buy new shoes, then you must buy them. Otherwise, using the old ones does not make them look less nice. It is seen that people mostly wear a nice pair of comfortable and simple sneakers. They look good with every type of your rockabilly dresses, so it is the main reason why people prefer them.

  • Black Boots

There are very nice simple black boots that many students like to wear to college parties, other than sneakers. You must choose the expensive one while buying them because they would be durable, and you would not mind if they get beat up. The expensive ones are made from leather material and look very nice even if worn in color other than black.


The type of cloth a female student chose to wear depends on the type of event she is going to in college. For annual college parties, there are different outfits that she can choose from.

  • High Waisted Jeans/Shorts

A nice pair of basic jeans is totally fine to be worn on the annual college party with a little rip in the knee to give it a party look. This is what most of the students in all type of colleges prefer to wear. Also, many students like to wear high waisted shorts also, and this looks more bold and beautiful than the jeans.

  • Crop Top

Student love wearing crop tops at their school functions, especially the annual college party. A lot of people wear it with the high waisted jeans, and it looks amazing. The color is not an issue in choosing a crop top, but the always chose the one that suits best on you.

One advice, in the end, is that one must wear the clothes or shoes that are comfortable and look authentic on that person. Rather than following the trends blindly, go for your own style but make sure it is worth wearing on occasion like this.

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