Have you ever gone to McDonald’s to fill your belly to the brim with your favorite high calorie conglomeration of vitamins and minerals? No? There is a reason why… Because no such thing exists.

What DOES exist is artery-clogging mounds of saturated fat, disguised well in commercialized objects otherwise known as food. These objects portray the characteristics of food—smell, taste, touch, appearance, but they are as deadly and lethal as black mamba snake bite.

The only difference is one will kill you fast and the other will kill you over time through the medium of excessive weight gain, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to dick your day. But according to the Centers for Disease Control, obesity is linked to all-cause mortality more than people of normal weight. If you want to reverse the effects of your HGH injections, then keep on munching away. But if ideal health is your goal, pay attention and move forward.

Take a big Shift

The world is a pretty crazy place that spins on its axis all day, every day. What does this tell you? It SHOULD tell you that the world is ready for a paradigm shift. And YOU can contribute to it.

It all starts in your refrigerator, and freezer, and cupboards, and briefcase, and most of all, your SHOPPING CART!!! But don’t be intimidated and for god’s sake, do not worry because worrying is overrated.

This is going to be easy and fun. Just pretend that you are skipping down the aisles of your favorite grocery store, holding hands with your lover, singing a happy song together. How about Happy by Pharrell Williams? There ya go!

The Lowdown

 When it comes to eating and shopping, there’s no magical science or complicated equations involved. It is really common sense. You’ve all heard of Mickey D’s, well it’s time you were introduced to the 3Ds.

The three Ds in this case are the “don’ts.”  Don’t believe what you hear, don’t believe what you see, and don’t believe what you read. It’s that simple.

The food industry goes to great lengths to make you think that their bread is good for you because it is made with whole grain. They go to great lengths to tell you that their yogurt is only 80 cals per cup. And perhaps the saddest of the sad, is the audacity of them telling you that diet soda with antioxidants in it is good for you.

Please do your body a favor and do not be fooled by the hype. You are farmed to believe certain things from early childhood to present day. The advertising agencies know this, and unfortunately, some people are still being blindsided by this nonsense. Don’t be one of them.

Label Reading

When you pick up a loaf of bread, DO NOT look at the fancy schmansy advertising on the front of the package that tells you how much fiber it has.  Instead, go right to the ingredient label on the back.

If it says bleached, enriched, bromated, or has high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, or any artificial ingredients in it, then throw it on the floor and walk away. This actually goes for everything you put into your cart. Whether it is in a box, bag, carton, or container.

Now let’s talk about yogurt. This is one of the most popular breakfast choices in America, and it is also one of the most heavily marketed. It’s always on sale too. You see buy-one-get-one free, buy ten for ten bucks, get three for the price of two, etc.

That’s great. But there’s a problem. What difference does it make if the yogurt has a billion units of acidophilus in it? Instead of dying from a bowel infection, you’ll die from a brain tumor caused by the artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors inside.

Again, walk right past the nice big advertisement on the end cap of the aisle touting the benefits of the low-fat version that only has 80 calories per container. Instead, go right to the back of the cup and fix your gaze on the ingredient label.

Regardless if it is low-fat, no-fat, high-fiber, or no fiber at all, it likely has some form of foreign substance in it. If you happen to see high fructose corn syrup or any color accompanied with a number in the ingredient label, then throw it against the closest wall in the supermarket immediately and run like hell.

But before you leave the crime scene, make sure you pick up a couple cups of organic/all-natural yogurt with no chemicals or catastrophes inside.

OK, on to the soda. Honestly, this is definitely not a smart choice of beverages. There are absolutely no redeeming qualities about it whatsoever. It has high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and carbon dioxide.

The diet version is even worse. It doesn’t have high fructose, but it does have artificial sweeteners that are more deadly than sugar. Yuck. And now, the genius marketing gurus are trying to mask all of this by adding antioxidants to the blend. Ugh! You deserve better than this.

If you want antioxidants, then drink goji juice and eat berries. If you have to have soda, go to your closest health food store and by an organic version. These taste just like regular soda, but there is no nastiness to be found. Just remember, liquid calories are calories too!

The Verdict is In

So what did you learn today? You learned how to read ingredient labels, not the front of packages. You learned not to trust big, fancy advertisements, and you learned how to throw foods against walls and over your shoulder that do not belong in your body and are nothing more than falsified fraudulent bunk. On that note, take care of yourself, be good to your body, and don’t take the power of simplicity for granted.