The only things certain in life are death, taxes, and having your hair exposed to germ and pollution. The hair is one of the most customizable features of the human body in terms of aesthetics. You can curl it, straighten, color, cut, or do anything with it to match your preferences. However, what people fail to realize when stylizing their hair is the fact that these thing can actually deteriorate the health of their scalp including the hairs. Doing these things to your hair can actually do more harm than good and sacrifice health for aesthetics.

Hair damage has a lot of aspects to it. Aside from the damage caused by repeatedly curling your hair, coloring, and the likes, your hair actually already sustains a lot of damage throughout the day. One of the biggest problems that your hair has to deal with is dirt and pollution, specifically its accumulation. Due to this, a lot of hair problems and conditions are surfacing, bothering people and causing them to invest on vitamins for hair growth as a last resort.

Knowing the Problem

One of the recurring problems when talking about hair wellness is frizzy hair. Dry and damaged curls are perhaps the most annoying problems a person with curly hair has to deal with in his/her entire life. This hair problem is caused by a lot of things but in the end gives out a lifeless look on one’s curls. In order to treat this and possibly prevent it from happening, understanding the situation and the condition is a must. Fortunately, due to numerous researches, people are learning more about it and perhaps devising remedies on their own.

Curly hair and sensitivity are very synonymous words when talking about hair problems. Curly hair is easily affected by processes such as the ones related to styling such as coloring. To add to this, curly hair requires delicate attention and product application which is why a lot of curl-specific products are available in the market to go with the numerous vitamins for hair growth also.

In order to fully understand the problem, you must first know the basic mechanics of hair growth. Hair, as you may know, is made out of old cells being pushed out by newer cells through the pores. There are three phases to hair growth which takes up to 6 years all in all. Due to this cycle, curls are bound to change therefore creating its erratic trait.

Dry and damaged hair can be caused by too much styling resulting in chemically-caused deterioration. Aside from that, overexposure to sunlight causes it to dry up also, sucking the life out of your hair. Dry and damaged hair causes a lifeless look and a disorganized one. Hair experiencing this condition may often have uneven curls, loose strands, a flat top, and other characteristics.

The Treatments

In order to counter its effects or somehow reduce the rapid changes in your hair you can treat your hair through a lot of natural means and administer some treatments also.

Hot Oil

Hot oil treatment is one of the most known effective ways to treat dry and damaged curls. This treatment is great for different hair types but is the best option for the curly ones. Basically, this treatment somehow gives your hair a massage and relieves it from the stress you’ve put on it for the week. Having a curly hair will require you to have additional moisture up there and a good Hot Oil treatment could certainly do the job.

Know your Oils

You cannot do a hot oil treatment on a daily basis because although it is beneficial, too much of something will often lead to bad things. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about losing moisture while waiting for your next hot oil session since some oils are now available and specifically made to be applied on a daily basis. There are a lot of oils to choose from but for frizzy hair you may want to go for Argan, Olive, Coconut, and Jojoba.

Let the Air Do its Job

One of the things that people often forget is to let the air do its job. Air drying your hair instead of using a dryer can bring out your natural curls more. However, before letting your hair dry out, make sure you apply a styler or some oils. Aside from that, make sure you are in an environment that is not too humid or dirty as dirt and pollution may quickly stick to your hair when damp.

Protect it from too much Heat

Whatever your hair type may be, too much exposure to heat will never be a good thing. A big factor for having dry and damaged curls is heat damage. Heat damage can possibly fry your hair with its very oils causing frizzy hair. Make sure to always have an umbrella with you to protect it from the sun during harmful hours and it would hurt also to visit a cold place once in a while to let your hair cool off a bit.

Don’t be Afraid to Try Food Remedies

Believe it or not, some food extracts or purees can be used to treat damaged curls. Fruits and vegetables are the obvious ones containing high amounts of organic minerals and compounds your hair would need. However, trying other unorthodox ways such as massaging your hair with butter may sound weird but can actually fix your problems so do not shy away from these and give them a try.


Although these methods are already proven to really improve the condition of your curls, you may also want to try out products such as the one featuring Foligen. Have a look to foligen reviews that focuses on improving the health of hair, particularly when talking about growth. This particular supplement can trigger better quality hair growth which may help your curly develop healthier. However, aside from these tips and supplements, the most important thing of all is to embrace your curls. At times our curls may not cooperate and yes they are easily damaged but they are your curls and it is what separates you from the others. Do not ever sacrifice the very health of your hair just to change your appearance because curly hair is your brand of beauty.

Kathy Mitchell is a writer and avid researcher on the subject of Beauty, nutrition and general wellness. She likes to go out with her friends, travel, swim and practice yoga. In her free time, you can find Kathy curled up reading her favorite novel, or writing in her journal. To know more about her follow her on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Official Email id:
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