Harry and Meghan are in danger of losing everything… What’s the matter?

Harry and Meghan

The news of the possibility of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, losing the remaining value of their contract with the “Netflix” digital broadcasting platform, made technical and social headlines, as many news circulated about the strained relationship between the two parties.

After the termination of the Duchy of Sussex’s contract with the “Spotify” platform, “TMZ” stated that the prince and his wife are threatened with canceling the deal, due to their inability to fulfill the obligations of the contract and provide attractive content that rises to the level of what they previously presented with “Netflix” through their company, “Archwell Production.” “.

The site stated that the contract signed between “Archwell Production” and “Netflix” amounts to $ 100 million, plus profits, but Harry and Meghan may lose everything unless they quickly provide new content that attracts audiences, raises the level of follow-up and views, and generates huge revenues. .

And the sources pointed out that the couple recently met with production and finance officials at “Netflix”, who asked them to provide better content, or risk not getting the rest of their contract, which exceeds $ 100 million.

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