Are you still guessing hashtags? Needless to say, this tactic is not a winning solution in 2020. The point is hashtag marketing is running SEO likewise so that you need a robust toolkit to explore. Hashtag finder is an online tool for marketing managers, and influencers helping to promote Instagram posts. You can see and copy rare and widespread hashtags, discover hashtags in any language, and analyze hashtags. Let me uncover some spicy details on hashtagging and present to your the most powerful Instagram Hashtag generator I’ve found online.

After reading my guide, you can boost the organic post’s impressions by 2-3 times in a while. Let’s begin!

4 reasons Toolzu is worth your attention

I often monitor the new services created for Instagram marketing and promotion. This Instagram Hashtag generator is new yet beating many analogs. Here are the points:

  1. Cross-language and various alphabet search. You can type in any language, and this is useful if you are running an account to sell abroad. You can easily gain the audience in foreign markets.
  1. The database lists over 12 mln hashtags. This collection is vibrant and always renewed by the developers. Moreover, banned and restricted tags won’t be present among search results so that it’s safe.
  1. Wise hashtags categories. The collection of hashtags is organized according to the difficulty of appearing in the TOP. This feature lets you mix various hashtags groups and compete in different categories.
  1. In-depth analytics on hashtags. Don’t put hashtag blindly – monitor the analytics on every hashtag. You can estimate the Time your post can appear in the TOP and view the best posts on each hashtag.

Instagram Hashtags research – insightful tutorial

Essentially, you need to register via Toolzu – it will take you a couple of minutes. Than – pass to this instruction:

#1 Detect your keys

Instagram Hashtags research

To begin with, outline some keywords ideas for every niche, product, or area you promote on Instagram. The keys should be related to your business, audience interests. Select 5 keys per search and divide them with commas:

There is an alternative research option involving Artificial intelligence mechanism:

  1. searching by a link – use any Insta link to a post and paste into the Finder;
  2. searching by a photo – upload a media file, and the Generator creates the keys based on the image. 

See, that was easy!

#2 Mark the tags using proportion

When you see the hashtags suggestions, you might ask a question – how to pick from this list? Don’t check the boxes randomly; the balance is crucial. Do like this:

High (1-3) + Medium (5-9) + Low (12-20) = 30

The limit of hashtags on Instagram is 30 hashtags per post. But mixin these 30 with diverse hashtags improve the searchability of your posts. Low hashtags are rare and specified so that like-minded people will notice your images in the TOP. The first combo is done, but the work is not over.

Mark the tags using proportion

#3 Plan various sets

To succeed in hashtagging, you should diversify your mixes with new words. Also, I advise that you change the order and hashtags; the order determines the results and reach.

If the first set is not working during the 2-3 hours, add the alternative set in the caption. BTW, posting hashtags in the caption is more effective than using them in comments.

Outline the combinations and copy them in a document. Mark the best finding to use them again.

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#4 Estimate the results

When adding hashtags in your digital campaign routine, measure the effect of this instrument. How to do that?

Open the Insights under the image you uploaded and scroll down to the Impressions section. You can see how many people found your image from hashtags. You can track this only if using a business profile.

I recommend that you highlight in your content plan or any other document, how many views each set resulted in. That’s how you come up with the best strategy for hashtags very fast.

The wrap-up

Finally, you can utilize hashtags with the benefit that might not be obvious for you; there is no need to promote through paid ads and bloggers. Right hashtags can boost your reach by 2-3 times if you are testing and experimenting with every post. But manually doing the research is time-consuming and risky – your posts may remain overlooked. Don’t give up when finding hashtags and use Toolzu Generator to level up your strategy!

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