Running a business in a world where competition grows like mushrooms after the rain is not the easiest task. The website and a wide range of products and attractive prices are no longer enough. It is necessary to conduct a number of activities that attract the attention of our potential customers (and the Google search engine). It is extremely important in marketing automation to invest platforms and focus on SEO activities.

It should be remembered that internet advertising, website positioning and automation cannot be single actions – everything should take the form of a well-planned strategy. How can a marketing campaign bring the expected success? Proper preparation and implementation are the keys to success.

We have a few tips that will make this breakneck task easier. Sounds interesting? I invite you to read! 

The goal of your marketing campaign

A campaign with no set goal is bound to fail. By setting your goals and KPIs, you can measure the extent to which your goals have been achieved. Before you start creating goals, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What exactly do I want to achieve?
  • How long it will take?
  • What budget will I spend on the campaign?
  • What resources do I need?
  • How do I want to get the result I want?

Based on the SMART model, you can create specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-specific goals. An exemplary goal can be the following: Increase sales by 15%, generate X new leads or increase interest in the content. Advanced analytics allows you to measure, compare, draw conclusions and respond to positive and negative trends in real-time. When it comes to time-specific needs, always go for fast services, and even choose fast printing for all your business needs in order to save time.

Identification of the target group

Different content, products and communication channels appeal to different recipients. We will target different content to women and others to men, we will use different communication for young people than for adults. The precise determination of the recipient group allows you to adapt the content on the website, personalize the messages (personalized emails, text messages) that arouse more interest and engagement with your potential customers. Thanks to the creation of a buyer persona, i.e. the profile of an ideal customer, you will know and understand your recipients better, you will know what they need and what you should offer them. Learn more about how to identify a target market and prepare a customer profile.

Plan the content and tools for the marketing campaigns

Marketing Automation gives you access to a large amount of knowledge about your customers: their habits, preferences and demographic profile. You can transform this knowledge into specific activities. The data collected is used to plan sales channels and content.

There is a large selection:

  • E-mail marketing
  • Website marketing
  • Social media
  • Ad remarketing
  • Mobile
  • Search Engine

Test different scenarios to find out what works best for your potential customers.

Create a dedicated landing page

When running a marketing campaign, never direct your customers to the home page. The customer will be confused and the search for what you want to tell them will take forever and will only lead to their frustration and discouragement. A correspondingly designed, responsive and personalized landing page enables the customer’s attention to be focused on exactly what you want to convey to him – without unnecessary distractions.

Lead Nurturing

No marketing campaign that has been implemented can be left alone. It is necessary to ensure good relationships with a potential customer, to build trust in the brand and to increase the loyalty of existing customers. Here comes lead nurturing. The aim is to maintain contact with the potential customer, to convey the most important ideas about the product or service and to indicate the best time to buy.

Perform a detailed analysis

Every marketing activity that you carry out must be thoroughly analyzed.

Thanks to her, you will find out whether you have been successful. There are many tools that you can use to perform such an analysis. The marketing automation platforms enable the presentation of comprehensive analyzes of the most important marketing and sales processes and the precise control of marketing and sales campaigns – all in one place.

The analysis will make it possible to review and possibly improve the campaign, show its strengths and weaknesses and draw conclusions that will enable more effective measures to be taken in the future. By creating a detailed report on the activities performed, you can repeat your marketing success in the future and expand your knowledge of customers.

Analyze what an effective campaign is like

Within this analysis, companies must diagnose quantitatively and qualitatively and take time to know what is working and what is not in their campaigns. We must add the clarification of the strategic objectives of the campaign.

The company must create a combination of the brand’s mass marketing, a long-term background career, and more focused marketing on a complete target, which is thinking for a short period of time.

The multiplicity of marketing

When talking about marketing, we must not forget the 3 central challenges: the diagnosis of the situation, the development of a clear strategy and the execution of the correct objectives. Keep in mind that these three challenges are multiplied to create an effective campaign and that everyone has to be 100% in our campaigns.

It is important to make a decent diagnosis, a decent strategy and, of course, decent goals.

The backbone of effectiveness

The strategy is not as difficult as it may seem. Companies must ask themselves 3 questions before developing the strategic objectives: what will be your target, a large group or a small group of people? What is my position in the market as a brand? And finally, what are my goals?

Brand fame or brand fame

I am in love with the idea of ​​brand fame. The differentiating elements of the brands were extremely important in all cases we have studied. The peculiarities and cultural significance were and are a point in favor of effectiveness.

By putting this differentiation, the distinctive elements and the cultural significance, all of them had achieved that idea of ​​brand fame that we are in love with. Elements that remain in the minds of consumers.


All the success stories studied have time in common, they are long-term stories. 10, 20, 30 years of marketing focused on the brand, without giving unexpected turns, and respecting that brand. Many marketers are impatient and expect changes and progress to be noticed in the short term. The thousands of successful cases and hundreds of effective campaigns have come out of today’s digital marketing world. We need them more than ever.

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