Sexual harassment is professional misconduct that falls under gender discrimination. These cases are unfortunately occurring quite frequently in the American workplace. At first, the occurrence might not be apparent. However, this misconduct becomes sexual harassment when a pattern is discovered. On some other occasions, it’s quite explicit. It can be a single occurrence or a sum of several put together creating an unhealthy and destructive work environment. It can be your co-worker, vendor, client or even your boss. This kind of behavior is not sexual always as just one offensive sexual comment can put someone in trouble. If you feel like you are being insulted or targeted, consult an experienced sexual harassment Lawyer for your best shot at putting the culprit under scrutiny.

A sexual harassment victim, particularly in the workplace, most likely goes through phases of self-destructive emotions such as rage, disintegrated self-esteem, fear of suffering demotion or even being fired due to unsatisfactory performance, all based on the traumatic experience of being harassed. The situation especially devolves if the person bothering you is in a superior post. But it’s not something you should ignore – it’s important to take relevant legal action against the harasser by hiring a reliable sexual harassment law organization. Workplace sexual harassment and sexual discrimination attorneys at Dhillon Law Group can help you understand your legal status and outline the best course of actions to take to defend your rights.

Our attorneys help sexual harassment victims in recovering the material, emotional and monetary losses suffered due to these attacks. We have extensive knowledge of employment laws and workplace sexual harassment laws. In addition to helping you claim your rights, our team of qualified and experienced sexual harassment attorneys in San Francisco will also preserve your dignity and respect during the process.

Type of harassment commonly encountered:

  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment, such as demanding sexual favors in trade for a professional interest (such as a salary hike, or getting/retaining the job)
  • Sexual favoritism –  having to sleep with someone for better treatment in the workplace
  • Suggestive looks and stares
  • Annoying phone calls, text messaging, emails, and messaging
  • Inappropriate touching, undesirable physical proximity
  • Coarse language or dirty sexual jokes
  • Sexual content evident to others
  • Refusal to raise salary for not returning unwanted advances
  • Rejection of proposals because of your recognizing harassment and/or denial of unwanted attention

Steps you can take

Dhillon Law Group has a long history serving employees targeted by unwanted sexual treatment at the office and has exerted legal rights on private firms and the government. If you want to learn more about employment harassment lawyers in San Francisco, contact us for a strictly confidential discussion. There are many ways to settle cases without taking legal action or disclosing your identity to the general public. The law also protects you from vengeance if you communicate and make allegations of sexual harassment.

We understand the delicate nature of sexual harassment cases and recommend you contact us as soon as possible without any secret concerns about privacy. You will see how dedicated we are to defending our clients’ identity and dignity. We will go beyond your expectations.

Dhillon Law Group is a trustworthy sexual harassment law firm providing legal and emotional support for our clientele in cases of sexual assaults, harrasment and offenses at the workplace. Our team of lawyers has a thorough understanding of laws and employment lawsuits in San Francisco.

Contact us and tell us your story

You can contact our sexual harassment defense attorneys if you want to book a confidential consultation about your case. With the experience of handling all sorts of cases, it’s been an important journey our lawyers have taken in representing people from all backgrounds. We’ll listen to your stories comprehensively and create a plan so we can resolve the exact situation you’re dealing with. Trust our lawyers to keep each and every bit of your conversation confidential and help you get back on your feet at work.