Hollywood is on a date with its first strike since 1960


Actors in Hollywood are going on strike today, Thursday, after negotiations between major US studios and the Actors Guild failed, which described production companies’ salary proposals as “insulting.”

After more than four weeks of negotiations, the two parties did not reach any agreement, as the union’s positions are very far from the directions of the film and television producers’ alliance, which includes prominent studios, such as “Disney”, “NBC Universal”, “Paramount” and “Warner Brothers”. Discovery, Sony, and digital platforms, most notably Netflix, Amazon, and Apple.

In a statement, the Actors Guild, representing 160,000 actors and workers in television and cinema, expressed their disappointment with the Film and Television Producers Alliance’s response to their proposals. The Syndicate finds the Alliance’s remarks insulting and believes they disregard the substantial progress achieved in this industry.

The union office is supposed to support the start of the actors’ strike on Thursday, and Hollywood will witness a double protest movement, the first of its kind in Hollywood since 1960.

Actors and screenwriters are calling for better salaries, in light of the recorded inflation, and guarantees if their work is damaged as a result of resorting to artificial intelligence programs.

It is believed that the actors’ strike if it happens, will be a heavy blow to the heads of studios and streaming platforms.

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