From portrait booths to dangling décor, this year has many wedding trends. These trends are getting bigger as the years go by. While some are just perfect for adding personal touches to your wedding, others are over the top.

Here are the hottest wedding trends of 2017:

Distinct Invitations

Hype up your guests for the celebrations from the start. Nowadays, wedding correspondence needs to stand out if you want your guests to remember your wedding. From glow-in-the-dark ink to Plexiglas invites, you have many choices of stationery. Bold envelopes in colors such as fuchsia and neon green are the best way to get noticed.

The Gift Lounge

A deconstructed welcome bag is ideal for destination weddings. Instead of packing and delivering a welcome gift to your guests, let them do the work.

You and your family members can also greet the guests in person as they arrive. If your friends are staying in different hotels, set up a table of goodies at your welcome party’s exit for an unforgettable event.

Asking For What You Want

From mountain bikes to cash, do not be afraid to ask for the gifts you want or need. If you do not want any gifts, set up a charity registry to make sure your guests donate for a worthy cause. Alternatively you can still register for fine china and espresso machines if you want.

Breezy Silhouettes And Metallic Dresses

Wedding Trends
Sparkly gowns are in style this year; you can order yours in gold, metallic, or silver. For example, if you want to order a winter bridesmaid dress for your maid of honor, opt for sparkly colors. On the other hand, if you are getting married in the summer, breezy silhouettes are the best choice.

These dresses are effortless and give you an ethereal vibe that will suit any destination wedding perfectly. Off-the-shoulder styles and detachable skirts are also popular wedding trends in 2017.

Color Comeback

Pastels and neutrals have paved the way for a return to the world of color. Expect to see pairings of bright colors and bold shades. The color of the year is pantone named greenery, which is perfect for all wedding seasons.

Going Green

Décors are leaning more towards the natural side of things. If an outdoors wedding is not possible, bring the outside indoors by incorporating potted plants in your décor. You can also add natural elements such as stone and wood to your table settings.

Greenery makes it easy to manipulate your décor and give it a beautifully unfinished look. Moreover, bouquets are getting bigger in size and old-school styles such as pageant and cascade are coming back.

Grand Getaways

Surprise your guests with a unique getaway such as a motorcycle exit or horse-drawn carriage. If you can afford a helicopter getaway, it will impress your guests. To play around with this trend, you should consider making a stylish entrance instead of an exit.

Movable Feast

When you opt for food trucks, your wedding feast will be more interactive and moveable. You need to set up stations featuring favorite foods such as sushi and cheese.

Set up a room with snacks and drinks and ask your guests to choose what they want. Also, a candy party can help! There’s nothing better than satisfying your sweet tooth with some mouth watering candies! Go to and order them online.

If you do not want to eliminate plated foods from your menu, serve a family meal with a twist of your own choosing.

Whatever trends you choose to follow, make sure to include your own personal touches.

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