Anyone wishing to advertise their products as successfully and comprehensively as possible in this day and age should consider the possibility of consulting an influencer marketing agency. The current status of the sales market leads away from print, Internet and TV advertising to increased awareness via influencers. But what are the reasons for this?

The most important platform for advertising today and probably also in the future is the Internet. The biggest difficulty is always the question how to reach the people who are really interested in my offer. Quality is more important than quantity. Because with an advertising circuit on a homepage I reach many people, but often not the people who are really interested in purchasing my product. The key to success is thus the so-called targeted marketing, in order to increase the own profit.

Today, as in the past, people have people who make you a role model and whose opinions are important to you personally. Thanks to social media, we can now follow and listen to our role models almost 24 hours a day. Influencers with a high number of followers also have a corresponding range, as does a normal Internet ad. The trick is that they also test and evaluate products for followers. Companies that manage to advertise their own product with an influencer with a high number of followers can be sure that the sales figures will skyrocket. The influencers do not only have more weight in the opinion formation than an Internet announcement, also the success is substantially more simply measurable.

What are the advantages of marketing by influencers compared to previous advertising measures?

There have actually always been forms of advertising. Advertising in the newspaper or on billboards are classics. In the course of time, these media have been increasingly replaced by online advertising. But online advertising is also changing and the new form of influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular. Many of these influencers are bloggers or simply general social media enthusiasts with a high reach. Thanks to this fact, the “customer” (follower) is addressed at eye level and the impression that something should be sold to you is less created.

Be it the actor from the well-known series or the person whose opinion and lifestyle inspire me, people nowadays look at the stories of the numerous influencers every day. By regularly following the activities and opinions, one gives the influencer the confidence that his opinion has weight and is important for you. This role model function opens up undreamt-of possibilities for companies when it comes to promoting products. It is important to win the social media model for your own product and good recessions and increased sales figures will follow.

Influencers form the opinion of their followers and can cast a positive light on your product. The marketing is even more effective if the social media advertising medium acts as a so-called brand lover and thus tests and promotes entire product lines. The reach of the influencers in combination with satisfied users, provide a tremendous increase in awareness.

A new way to show the product

Thanks to the decision to cooperate with influencers, we can present the product in an original and unobtrusive way in a completely different way than e.g. in an advertisement or a poorly written sponsored article in a popular magazine. By selecting a representative of our brand, we have the opportunity to show the product to a group of people of the desired age and with similar interests. An honest opinion and showing from A to Z the ways of using the product in various, often not obvious situations, certainly pays off for the brand.

Brand credibility through influcencer marketing

The more authentic the brand, the closer to the customer. Cooperation with Internet creators helps the company to create such a “human” image and establish a lasting relationship with a potential buyer. Such a relationship will bring effects not only in terms of translation into sales, but also during problematic and crisis situations – for a brand that is a “friend”, the customer will be more understanding.

Visibility among the so called “banner blindness” affected.

Ok, the content created by influencers is used to promote products or services. However, an appropriate selection of social media channels and publication format makes even those contents, in which product placement is more obvious, arouse the interest of a potential buyer. They are not advertising that we try not to see. They are an entry or a recording of a person we know and observe.

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