How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Business

Artificial intelligence has risen to an alarming rate in the past decade. Humanity has reached a point in time where most of the everyday communication is digital. Technology has evolved rapidly and so has artificial intelligence along with it. Our smartphones, TV’s even refrigerators are smart now and in some scenarios even smarter than us.

But what truly makes these things smart? After all these are just machines, and the answer to this is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is predicting the future of anything through technology, or making some decisions based on provided data. This data can either be manually provided or recorded over time through any system. After the data is present at hand then some calculations or logical operations can be carried out on this data go get a desired result

This is an overview of artificial intelligence, but the depth to this concept is unimaginable. Even now with all the technology at hand we have only scratched the surface of artificial intelligence and have implemented it on some major industries.

Current artificial intelligence state

In today’s world if you have ever been to a factory or seen an assembly line up close, you can point out various stages where artificial intelligence is in place. From 3d models that any designer provides to the actual creation of that model in a lathe machine or 3d printer, artificial intelligence is seen throughout. The machines in the factory which are working rigorously throughout the year have some alarm mechanisms installed in them which let you know when some resources for production are reaching their minimum point or when the machines are overheating. This can be termed as a part of artificial intelligence too.

Apart from this weather forecasts, solar eclipses and many natural phenomenons are predicted through artificial intelligence as well. Not just in terms of physical things, artificial intelligence has now reached a point where it can learn from its own past experiences and also communicate with other machines and share information with them as well. This all makes a network of artificial intelligence spread throughout the world.

Artificial intelligence in our daily life

If you look at you cell phone and open up any social media app, you can see some suggestions to add the people you might know, some advertisements to buy thing that you might actually want to buy. This is a proof of artificial intelligence in place. Whenever you search for anything online something called cookies are saved on you web browsers, based on them you see relative ads on other applications as well.

Our search information is actually sold to different advertisement companies online, which place their own ads in the apps we use so that they have a better chance of attracting the right customer and eventually making a profit. This might sound evil initially but in the grand scheme of things this is a positive point for artificial intelligence, as its learning day by day and evolving.

Future of artificial intelligence

In the words of great Elon Musk,
“Artificial intelligence is like summoning a demon”.

This type of statement from one of the giants in tech industry scares people a bit, and reminds them of the movie terminator. But in fact there is a very real threat from artificial intelligence in the future. Since now we are making processes that artificial intelligence learns and then creates similar processes, sooner artificial intelligence might be capable of making more artificial intelligence. And if no human quality control for this is in place, the results could be very drastic. Even less fatal unseen events can lead to global level changes.

For instance, if there is some broken or evolved AI in facebook which doesn’t comply with social boundaries, all of your private data could be made public instantly and even automatically shared on other peoples profiles. Such type of malwares actually do exists as of now.

Apart from the negative effects the future of artificial intelligence if done right seems very promising as well. Surgerys can be done by machine with no human effort required, prosthetics could be made more lifelike, global catastrophes could be prevented and much more could be done with proper AI in place in the future.

Artificial intelligence transforming business

Businesses are affected greatly by artificial intelligence. The simplest way in which Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Business is that the AI looks for positive spikes in your workflow charts. For example if you implemented some major changes in your work environment and it had a positive effect the AI would immediately let you know about this and provide you suggestions as to how you can boost this current trajectory with newer methods.

Organizations could benefit hugely from a workforce readiness platform that artificial intelligence can provide. Meaning AI could predict exactly how many people your organization will require in the future to carry out which tasks. Other than this, if you have an enterprise learning management system it can actually monitor your organizational behaviour and recommend changes to it accordingly. These types of systems are full scale systems which look over all the resources of the organization as well as the workflow that the organization follows and they make it easier for the management to pinpoint exactly where the issues are in the organization.

Even small scale businesses can benefit from AI, in a sense of predictions and autonomy. Some mundane tasks can be handled by AI such as payroll management and vendor payments, etc. For small scale business not much robustness is needed from the AI’s end but whatever is needed AI can surely handle and business owners can relax about such tasks and only look at charts at either days, weeks or months end to figure out how business is going.


Artificial intelligence is transforming the whole world, not just some specific industries. Businesses are booming because of AI that helps predict failures. A future where AI is an integral part of any business is a good future.


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