Elon Musk: I am worried and nervous about this artificial intelligence

Elon Musk considered artificial intelligence technology
Elon Musk considered artificial intelligence technology "very dangerous" (Reuters)

Elon Musk, the leader of Tesla and Twitter, warned that artificial intelligence is a dangerous area that must be heavily monitored by government authorities.

Yesterday, at a 3-hour long presentation to Tesla investors discussing the firm’s trajectory, Elon Musk was quoted by Reuters stating his apprehensions regarding artificial intelligence: “AI is making me nervous.”

A slightly anxious Elon Musk, surrounded by the Tesla leadership team including Autopilot’s head honcho, spoke up and expressed his concern about AI.

Moreover, Musk believes that artificial intelligence technology is “exceptionally dangerous,” and he added emphatically, “I must admit I have taken steps to hasten its progress.”

During the meeting, executives provided information on Tesla’s utilization of artificial intelligence technology to coach automobiles to drive autonomously, a project that has gained considerable attention from both governmental and state authorities.

When a researcher inquired about the possible contribution of AI in Tesla’s car construction, Musk replied with an emphatic “No,” noting that until then there would be no need for either his or their endeavors.

Moreover, Musk asserted that Tesla’s attempts to make their cars able to travel autonomously were “definitely advantageous” in the realm of AI. “Tesla is accomplishing great things in the field of AI,” he added enthusiastically. He then paused and sighed before continuing, “This is making me anxious. I’m not quite sure what else I can say about this.”

To rival the AI program, “Chat GPT“, Musk tasked a highly experienced team to create an alternate product.

Elon Musk unveiled his third installment of the “Master Plan”, crowned as “Master Plan 3,” to further Tesla’s AI-driven agenda for advancing a global transition towards renewable energy sources.

This week, news broke that tech mogul Elon Musk had assembled a collection of artificial intelligence authorities to develop a rival product for the OpenAI-supported “ChatGPT” program. In addition to this project, similar systems are being developed by prominent companies such as Google, Meta and various other technology platforms.

Last December, Elon Musk took to Twitter warning of the ability of “Chat GPT” to create prose, poetry and even coding – arguably a dangerous level of artificial intelligence. This week he renewed his concerns with Tesla analysts when discussing it further.