If you enjoy listening to or creating music, then you must have heard of Spotify. It’s one of the biggest music platforms in the world and offers users millions of songs.

If you think that you have an exquisite taste in music and the playlists that you create are high-quality, then you might be trying to establish yourself on these platforms and looking for ways to gain playlist plays.

Do you want to share your playlist with the world?

Here are some tips and tricks to maximize your reach on this platform and open the door full of possibilities:

1.  Be consistent

Since there are millions of users of Spotify and many of them provide high-quality playlists, it’s quite challenging to stand out and be remembered by people. Attention span when it comes to songs or playlists is short, and people aren’t going to remember you as a talented and tasteful artist unless you post consistently.

You don’t want to become forgotten, do you?

So, make a schedule that arranges how much time you will spend on creating and editing your playlist, how often you will post, etc., and stick to that schedule.

2.  Promote your spotify on the social media networks

Promoting your Spotify account and playlist on social media platforms is key to success on Spotify and raises chances of people following you. Use Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to let your friends and followers know you are on Spotify. Notify them whenever you upload a new playlist, ask them to check it out, and give you feedback. In the beginning, at least your family members and friends will support you and share your content on their social media, as well.

3.  Communicate with your audience 

Your audience is crucial to Spotify growth, you can’t move forward unless you define your target audience and adjust your marketing strategy to them. It’s crucial to understand who they are, what are their wants and needs, what genres do they like, what do they expect from you, etc. Once you find out more about your audience and gain a set amount of followers, you should be not only focused on your audience growth but keeping already existing followers, as well.

If you let your followers forget why they followed you in the first place, you might lose them.

One of the things you could do to make them feel like part of the community and appreciated is engaging with them frequently. If your follower or a potential follower writes you positive feedback or asks you a question, don’t ignore them. Try to initiate a conversation and ask them questions yourself. You can even ask them what genre do they expect next from you. Some of them might answer back, so when the Spotify algorithm notices so much engagement, it’s going to feel positive toward you.

5.  Get others to share your playlist

Marketing on Spotify often involves communication with people, especially influencers, and getting them to promote your playlist. To be honest, it’s not that easy, but after some time and practice, you will get better at it.  Influencers won’t risk irritating their fans and followers unless they are sure of the content you provide and your social credibility. But when you are starting on Spotify, you won’t magically get thousands of plays on your playlist, so your account may not look popular enough for an influencer to want to talk about it. That’s why some people buy Spotify playlist plays to appear more socially credible and maximize their exposure.

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6. Get familiar with other playlist makers

To provide high-quality content, you should find out more about other playlist makers on this platform that your community is interested in. See what they are doing right and how they are building a relationship with the followers. In addition to this, ask them to collaborate. Don’t be afraid! The worst thing they can say is no. And even if they do, don’t you give up, ask someone else.  Collaborations on Spotify is an excellent way of boosting your reach and offering your fans something they might enjoy.

These six tips will assist you in providing a high sense of quality to your audience and attracting many plays and followers.