If you are one of those people who thought superyacht holidays were out of your reach, you’ll be very happy to learn that when you travel in a large group and split the costs, a cruise on a superyacht is actually affordable.

Large Group Charters

While it might seem like a challenge to find like-minded folk who wish to experience the millionaire lifestyle, it isn’t hard to attract people to such a holiday experience. The fact is, luxury superyacht charter is actually doable when you have a group of 25-30 people, as the total cost is divided by the number of guests. The good news is there are absolutely no extras when you charter a luxury yacht, as everything is included and you get to choose the menus and every other aspect of the trip. When you see the price per week to charter one of the floating palaces they call superyachts, then divide that by the number of participants, it suddenly becomes affordable.

All-Inclusive Price

There are no extras with a superyacht charter, so once you have paid the charter fee, there is absolutely nothing to pay; you only need your spending money for when you are off the vessel. When you take that into consideration, a luxury yacht charter is very affordable and the more guests you have, the cheaper the per-person cost. Here is some info on the best surfing areas in Europe.

Online Solutions

The first step to booking a superyacht is a Google search, which will take you to the website of a reputable yacht charter operator; there you can browse to your heart’s content and should you have any questions, live-chat is always available. Each vessel is in tip-top condition and comes with a full crew who are dedicated to ensuring that you have the best experience. The water toys are always ready when you want some fun and the captain and crew have a ‘can do’ attitude, helping to make your cruise something special.

Boarding Venues

Phuket in the south of Thailand is a favoured location to board your charter yacht; you can fly directly to Phuket from any European country and with the Andaman Sea, you can experience unspoilt natural beauty. The yacht charter firm would have bases in:

  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore

The charter operator is always happy to help you plan your route and with a few Zoom calls, you can have everything prepared and get ready to board the superyacht with your group.

Finding Guests

You might want to create a social media post, inviting all your friends to an event when you will propose a group charter. Of course, you need to crunch the numbers, as everyone will want to know the per-person cost and choose a few vessels when you break down the cost of the charter, so people have choices. You probably know a few who will want to be part of the ultimate holiday experience and invest some time in creating a slideshow presentation, which, if successful, will convince others that this is a great way to glimpse the millionaire lifestyle.

Make good use of social media to generate some interest in your holiday package and before you know it, you have reached that magical number when you can actually make your booking. Some people are fortunate to have a lot of friends, making it much easier to find 20-plus people to share the experience, especially after a few years without travel. Even now, the delta variant is on a surge and according to the World Health Organization, the pandemic is still with us.

Planning for 2022

There’s still time to book for the coming year and with so many people looking for a special holiday experience, time is of the essence; start by crunching the numbers for a group of 15-20 and see what the per-person cost is.

This would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience life in the fast lane and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding others who want to share the experience.

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