Planning a Europe trip once the pandemic is over and want to experience a few fun waves while you’re at it? Here are the top surfing locations to visit in Europe, whether you’re a beginner surfer or expert one alike!

Lacanau, France

Perfect to visit between the months of December and January, the beach in the small town of Lacanau possesses consistently rideable waves on the southwest coastline of France. Recommended for intermediate level surfers, 70% of the beaches’ waves are rideable and due to the seclusion of the beach, surfers are always able to take a wave for him or herself. The sandy coastline also has great sand dunes for beach goers to have fun running and sliding over.

The Bubble, Canary Islands

Part of the Spanish jurisdiction, the Canary Islands is an isolated area perfect for experienced surfers and adventurous travellers. The Bubble is a great beach to visit for backpackers who are also experienced surfers in between the months of November and February. Known for its fine eateries, bars and backpacker-friendly community, The Bubble is a great place to visit if you are in the area and simply want a secluded area to check out. Most-visited by like-minded surfers, you won’t be experiencing the troubles of busy beaches and large groups of tourist families.

Bundoran Beach, Ireland

The lucky, green nation is not only known for St Patrick’s Day, but also for a couple of great surfing beaches. Bundoran Beach is great for intermediate to advanced level surfers and gained international recognition as one of Euroe’s best surfing spots after hosting the 2011 European Surfing Championships. Having incredible and consistently high wave quality, the beach sports challenging break points for surfers around the world to try and improve their skills. The best time to visit this beach is during the Autumn months – between September and October.

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is an area in Italy with many prime surfing spots. Possessing some of the most consistently high quality and exciting waves in the Mediterrenean Sea, Sardinia is a great place to visit for surf-loving backpackers. Although the best time to enjoy the waves in Sardinia is during Winter, the area is still great to visit during the Summer months, as it has a couple of cultural monuments and hiking trails to explore. The beaches in the Sardinia area are perfect for beginner and intermediate level surfers.

Playa De Rodilles, Spain

The best time to surf at this beach is between November and April. One of the more popular beaches on this list, the surfing hotspot is loved by locals and travelers alike, but is best appreciated by intermediate and advanced level surfers. The area is not only a great surfing spot, it is also filled with Spanish culture and stunning scenery, making it a great holiday place for not only experienced surfers, but beach-loving backpackers as well. Before making your way around these beaches in Europe, be sure to prepare your surfing adventures with the right gear and safety equipment. It can be difficult purchasing surfing equipment when you are not familiar with the languages and payment systems used in Europe, so be sure to purchase the right gear before you travel. For those looking for wetsuits, click here for high-quality options.

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