With more and more states and countries legalizing the use of marijuana, both for medical and recreational purposes, more entrepreneurs are also leaning towards opening a dispensary business. With the clamor for more marijuana use, the market is getting more popular and stronger than ever.

But if you think that opening your dispensary is going to be easy, you are mistaken. It is just going to be as tricky as any other business, and it can sometimes be even more technical. Hence, your solution is to go through a cannabis college. That said, here are some of the benefits of enrolling in a cannabis college:

1. You Are Exposed To Chemistry Courses

One of the most significant advantages that you can gain from going to a cannabis college, such as 420 College, is that you have a solid foundation to back you up in the process of creating products for your business. It is still best for you to have a background on the chemical composition of cannabis for you to know how to transform it into medical marijuana products. One serious error can mean dangerous results for your business, so you cannot just immediately decide to open one without even studying about it.

Apart from chemistry, you will also learn about essential subjects, such as:

  • Biology
  • Botany and genetics, to help you learn how best to synthesize cannabis products
  • Human anatomy, physiology, and pathology, and how cannabis works in the human body

2. You Are Given A Degree And Certificate

When you open any other regular business, there are permits and licenses that you must comply with before you can successfully open your shop. When you are opening something as controversial as a dispensary, the more stringent the permits and licenses are going to be. As early as now, it is essential for you to be informed as well that not everyone applying for a business permit are going to be granted one.

When you study at a cannabis college, you are given your certificate and diploma to prove that you have completed your course. Hence, you are giving yourself higher credentials and higher possibilities of being granted a license to open a dispensary legally.

3. You Have Access To More Opportunities In The Business Industry

Because of the popularity of cannabis products, especially for health purposes, the market is also slowly becoming quite competitive. Hence, for you to have an excellent start on your business, it is to your advantage to be exposed to more opportunities in the business industry. For example, when you enroll at a cannabis college, you can have a network of suppliers, manufacturers, and other experts, all within your circle.

Other opportunities that you will gain include:

  • Alerts for job openings
  • Continuous study, training, and seminars
  • E-books and other digital courses
  • Forum memberships
  • Techniques on the latest marijuana and cannabis products to sell and market

4. You Learn About Business And Marketing

As technical as opening a dispensary might be, you also have to learn about the business aspect of opening and operating one. Especially if you do not have any background in business and marketing, you need formal education and training to back you up. Remember that because cannabis and marijuana, in general, is still a very controversial product, it is not one that is also widely advertised through traditional means. Hence, you have to learn how to move your way successfully around the industry.

Other matters in business that you are going to learn about include:

  • Creation of financial reports
  • Operations management
  • Supply chain management
  • Creation of your dispensary brand
  • Marketing strategies that are fit in this industry

5. You Can Learn At Your Convenience

If you think that going to a cannabis school is going to eat up so much of your time, you are wrong. There are numerous opportunities for you to learn at your convenience, as most of the cannabis colleges offer their courses online. Each course topic is one that you can also take up and study at your convenience and pacing as well. Some of those who have gone through the cannabis college courses have completed all the basics in about six months before opening up their own dispensary. However, even as they have already started with their operations, they still carried on with their continuous study and learning as well.


Going through a cannabis college means an added expense for you, but this expense is also entirely worth it. Starting a dispensary doesn’t come in as cheap, and one mistake can be an even costlier one. Hence, in the same vein, as you put your A-game in starting a business, you must also do so for your dispensary business. With your background from a cannabis college, you are off to a good start.


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