Are you a serious marketer? When it comes to marketing, there are many different strategies that you can choose to generate potential brand customers or drive sales conversion management. With luck, you already know what your goals are, who you are addressing, who is your ideal customer, follower, business partner. What you don’t know from the beginning is what communication channels to choose to make the most of your campaign.

You need to approach as many people as possible

Word of mouth strategy may work for a small local business, but when it comes to a marketing strategy you need to approach people who may not even know that you are in the market.

There is one thing that every marketer should know: while not all of your potential customers are on social media or avid blog readers, virtually everyone uses their email regularly. In addition, email is still the fastest and most effective communication channel for receiving and transmitting data. Therefore, email marketing can still be profitable and effective, in case you know what you are doing and how to adapt your strategy to your audience.

Who are your customers? Well, you can sell raw materials directly, in your store or other stores and I am sure there are enough enthusiasts who prefer to buy raw materials and adapt their own clothes. However, you will sell more if you market your company to other companies that depend on the types of products you are producing. For example, you can market your products to specialized companies that produce finished products from your raw materials.

But what if you send the message to the wrong email?

The point is that you have the possibility to send messages to invalid e-mails or even e-mails that were intentionally made to abuse your service (in case you provide free services for a certain period of time). You cannot scan and detect so many emails manually. You need an email checking tool. You need DeBounce! Why?

DeBounce is the latest tool for email verification that is equipped with advanced technology and an adequate algorithm for scanning multiple emails at once. In short, this tool will check your email list and detect any emails that are inactive or invalid. After the scanning process is carried out, you will get a new email list that is completely clean of any indications of spam.

With DeBounce as your email checker you can make sure you only send promotional messages to those who have the potential to buy your product or service. Thus you can calculate how effective your email marketing is and how well your product / service is in the eyes of your target consumers.

You don’t need IT capability to run this application. DeBounce provides a simple interface that is easily understood by anyone. There are various advanced features provided; minimize bounce, catch-all domain checker, email deduplication, syntax eliminator, risk validation and so on. With DeBounce you will be able to make your email marketing more effective.