If you’re frustrated by straightening your thick hair, then it can be a big serious challenge for you. But you don’t have to worry about pin straight locks. You can easily achieve shiny, straight, and smooth hair no matter how thick it is by using the right styling tools and by preparing your hair in the right way.

Straighten Thick Hair Using Different Hair Tools

This hair type is not easy to handle but when using quality hair items to straighten thick hair it will be easy to handle.

Wash & Condition Your Hair

When you start with well-nourished, clean hair, straightening gives the best result. Remember to use a gentle shampoo to wash your hair to avoid stripping before using a flat iron and making it more damaged. Use a straightening conditioner to ensure that your hair is properly hydrated.

Straightening conditioner contains moisturizing ingredients, such as coconut water, argan oil, and macadamia oil, which give smooth, shiny hair. If you’ve very dry hair, you may want to apply a deep conditioning mask before straightening your hair.

Deep conditioning masks are thicker than traditional conditioners and absorb with your hair for 15 to 20 minutes before you wash out the conditioner. Thick hairs are very dry, so always wash it with a moisturizing shampoo, and that tips for healthy hair.

Towel Dry

After washing and conditioning your hair, use a decent towel to dry your hair until it’s only damp. Always try to use a microfiber towel to dry your hair for the best results. The material is softer and absorbent than other traditional towels available in the market.

Apply Heat Protectant

Heat can be very harmful to your hair, so it’s really important to protect your hair locks before you straighten and blow-dry them. A heat protectant product doesn’t burn as easily or dry out.

You can find heat protectant lotions and sprays in the market, but creams products work best for thick hair. Don’t apply too much heat protectant product, apply lightly coat the length of your hair. Don’t apply it to your scalp or head.

Apply Heat Protectant

Prepare The Flat Iron With Right Temperature

Sometimes your hair is not straightening quickly because you run the flat iron over your hair a lot of times. This repetitive use can be the actual cause to go static your hair. To avoid this type of hassle, you need to set the right temperature setting on the flat iron that can provide you excellent and quick results for thick hair. Here is the list of top flat irons that are perfect for thick hair.

Blow-Dry with a Round Brush

For the smoother hair, use a round bristle brush because thick hair requires a little extra work to straighten. The brushwork through your hair to pull it as straight as you want, so you don’t need a flat iron to do as much work. Before using a flat iron, make sure to dry your hair thoroughly.

Never use a flat iron on damp hair, because it can cause severe breakage and damage to your hair. Switch between your blow-dryer’s cool and hot settings as you dry your hair to keep from overheating.

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Straightening thick hair is not an easy job. It has involved a long process of drying and styling before it can look the way to be thick. Thick hair usually means it is heavy, and it can weigh down when style that looks forever to achieve. So follow the steps above using different hair tools mentioned here to straighten hair.

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