Water is essential to every living thing. The body needs a constant supply of clean water to operate normally. Water bottles from custom Camelbaks are very popular. Using a water filter bottle makes it possible for you to have access to clean water wherever you are and whatever the source of the water. However, if you are yet to buy your own water filter bottle, continue reading this post to find out the reason why you should consider buying one.

What Are Water Filter Bottles?

Water filter bottles are water bottles fitted with a filtration system. This type of water bottle can be filled up with water from a natural source, and the water will be filtered to remove contaminants and impurities. This leaves you with healthy and clean water.

How Does Water Filter Bottles Work?

The water filter bottle works in different ways, depending on the manufacturer and the design of the bottle. Some water filter bottles are designed in a way that the bottle filter water as it is consumed while others filter as water enters the bottle. But in general, there are three steps in the filtration process. We’ve got the details below.

1. Activate Carbon

Most water filter bottles use activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal, to remove impurities from water. You can look at the bottom of your water bottle for black specks to check if the bottle has a carbon filter.

2. Adsorption

Carbon filters also work through a process known as adsorption, where water passes through the carbon filter inside the bottle, and the carbon soaks up and catches any impurities and contaminants in the water like a sponge.

3. Filtration

Water filtration takes place after the adsorption process. This happens when the activated carbon absorbs and filters everything that shouldn’t be in your water while the purified water flows out of the filter.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of a filter depends on the surface area of the activated carbon, and how quickly the water flows through the filter. The longer it takes water to flow through the water filter, the more time the water gets exposed to the activated carbon, and the more contaminants and impurities that are ultimately removed.

Benefits Of Filtered Bottles

We’d love to share some of the benefits of using a water filter bottle now that you’ve got the magic behind it. Let’s talk about these benefits.

Save Costs

While buying a plastic water bottle doesn’t sound like a significant financial imposition, the costs can quickly mount over time. You can save money using water filter bottles because you can reuse that bottle as many times as possible instead of buying plastic bottled water all the time.

Offer Convenience

A filtered water bottle ensures that clean water is available while on the move. It reduces the stress of finding stores to buy plastic bottled water and gives you the complete freedom to fill up your water filter bottle at any source of water you find, eliminate the contaminants and impurities in the water, thereby leaving you with clean water to drink.

Protect The Environment

Most people dispose of the container of water bottles after drinking. Disposed bottles lead to a slow and gradual build-up of plastic materials in the environment. However, water filter bottles aren’t the type of water bottles you can easily throw away. The fact is that you can get clean drinking water and reuse the filtered bottle makes it worth owning and keeping.

Stay Healthy

Water filter bottles allow you to get safe water everywhere you go and avoid getting sick. A water filter can remove bacteria, parasites, protozoa, viruses, and harmful chemicals from your drinking source, which one thing your stomach will thank you for. They are also capable of removing chlorine and fluoride from tap water without removing the beneficial minerals such as sodium and magnesium.

Care For Filtered Water Bottle

It’s time to learn how to clean the water filter bottle to keep it working as intended. Here you can find some helpful tips on how to care for your water filter bottle.

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to take the bottle apart
  2. Prepare a cleaning solution with warm water.
  3. Now pour the solution inside the bottle and soak the outer parts into the remaining mixture for some minutes.
  4. Throw out the cleaning solution after soaking and pour a little bit of mild cleaner, scrub the inside with a brush, and rinse out.
  5. Rinse off every piece and let it dry thoroughly before reassembling the filtered water bottle.

In Summary

A water filter bottle can help you drink clearer, healthier, and safer water from almost any water source. So, if you have decided to get a water filter bottle, then we recommend Fill2Pure. This water filter bottle is affordable and looks great.


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