IPL hair removal is a revolutionary way of getting rid of body hair safely and fast. In spite of being unknown to many people, IPL treatment is gradually becoming mainstream around the world. Its secret is a soothing and painless technique that doesn’t irritate the skin and gives a hair-free result in a short period of time. Read on to know more about this unique hair removal solution.

What is IPL hair removal?

First things first, IPL is the abbreviation of Intense Pulsed Light. This technology involves a special device that sends pulses of light on the hair root, inducing its resting phase and making it fall out. To be more precise, the whole process is possible thanks to the melanin pigment that attracts the flash of light like a magnet and causes the hair shaft to reach its resting phase. With each IPL session, the hair grows less intensively in that area until it stops growing at all. Read on to know how IPL hair removal is done.

How does it work?

While this procedure can be done at home too, it is recommended it be performed in a salon by a professional who is knowledgeable about skin and hair tones and handles the light flashing device correctly. First of all, you need to shave your body hair to allow the device to get better access to the hair root. Then, choose the suitable light intensity for your skin tone. Next, turn on the flashing gadget and wait until it is ready for action. Press the flash button for each hair root in the target area.

The procedure is really quick, with 8-10 minutes being enough to finish the legs. For smaller body parts, it lasts even less. The IPL technique can be applied on every body part you wish to make hair-free. It is possible thanks to the ultra functional device equipped with various curved attachments to match the relief of each hairy area.

How many treatments are needed?

To see the first results, you need 4 IPL sessions, once every two weeks. In other words, after 2 months of treatment, the first positive results will make themselves visible. In this time, most of the hair follicles will be almost entirely deprived of the ability to grow new hair. Still, some tiny hairs may appear over time, so you are good to continue with minor touch-ups every 3-4 weeks.

Is it compatible with all skin tones?

Is it compatible with all skin tones

IPL is suitable for almost all skin and hair tones, yet some exceptions exist. In the case of hair, light blonde and grey tones are not compatible with IPL technology. Redheads will also not have the chance to use this treatment. As for body skin tones, IPL technique is applied on most skin colors, except for extremely dark shades.

Does it hurt?

A number of experiments proved that IPL treatment causes little to no pain. Most women experience a slight burning sensation in the area that is subject to flashing that goes away fast. Forget about shouting in pain when using wax strips. Moreover, the skin becomes smooth after each session, without short-term and middle-term side effects, such as: irritation, itchy skin and bumps.

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