After an exhausting day at work, sipping a cup of tea is a relaxing way to de-stress. Tea is also a nutritional beverage, which is perfect for health-conscious people. It even brings promising results to your tresses, thus being made as ingredients for hair growth shampoos and conditioners. However, there are many varieties of herbal teas, each having different effects on hair growth. What are some of the best teas for hair growth, and how does each type help maintain your hair’s good condition? Discover the benefits and uses of different teas for hair growth. 

Spill the Tea: Hair Growth Benefits You Can Reap from Every Tea

Do you want to uncover the secrets of achieving fuller and healthier locks? Below are some of  the benefits that each of these seven herbal teas can offer to your tresses.

1. Green Tea

The first on the list is green tea, one of the most popular tea beverages. This herbal tea contains the super antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a plant compound known to fight off oxidative activity. When free radicals damage the cells on your hair follicles, the hair growth cycle can get disrupted, pushing most of your growing follicles to shift into the resting state. But with green tea, EGCG can keep those harmful radicals at bay.

2. Earl Grey Tea

Unlike green tea made by brewing the leaves of Camilla Sinensis, earl grey tea or bergamot tea gets its flavor and nutrients from the extract of Citrus bergamia’s rinds. Bergamot oil, the citrus extract, is perfect for those who want to keep their scalp’s condition clean and healthy since it has antimicrobial properties that prevent bacterial invasions. This citrus tea can also improve your blood flow, thereby helping your blood deliver oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles. 

3. Nettle Leaf Tea

If you think your hair’s external environment is the only thing that matters, you may need to change that perspective then. As a matter of fact, it is essential to flush out harmful toxins that can hamper the hair growth cycle. Nettle leaf tea offers you its diuretic properties that help your liver and kidney remove toxins, helping you detoxify your body while encouraging hair growth. It is made from the stinging nettle plant extract, and it possesses antioxidants such as flavonoids and carotenoids that are beneficial against free radical damage. You can also use nettle leaf tea as a natural hair rinse since its astringent qualities can help eliminate your dandruff problems.

4. Peppermint Tea

Are you a fan of chocolate mint flavor? If so, you may also like drinking peppermint tea for its fresh and minty flavor. This popular herbal tea is made by brewing peppermint leaves in hot water. But what makes it even more impressive is its ability to mitigate hair loss problems. Studies show that peppermint tea can lower down androgen levels, inhibiting dihydrotestosterone formation (DHT), potent testosterone that can shrink hair follicles.

5. Horsetail Tea

Your hair also needs to be sturdy and pliable enough to prevent strand breakage. What you need is silica, which you can obtain from horsetail tea, a refreshing beverage made with infused horsetail ferns. This herbal tea contains the right amount of silicon, a mineral that strengthens your strands. Silicon also acts like a coat that makes your hair look more lustrous than ever.   

Share the Tea’s Hair Growth Secrets to the World.

The world has already discovered what herbal teas can do to hair growth, and if you haven’t tried using hair growth products made with herbal teas yet, you should definitely see their effects for yourself. Try using any of these herbal teas as hair rinse solutions or mix them with your hair mask concoction. However, if you don’t have time for brewing tea, you can buy hair growth shampoos and conditioners with tea as an ingredient. By incorporating the power of herbal teas in your hair care regimen, you will be able to brag your hair growth results to the world.


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