Contrary to what you might believe, small businesses have much more to gain from taking on the services of a digital design company than larger, established businesses. Larger organizations are typically able to hire their own design teams to produce their assets and help with their branding, while small and micro businesses typically do not have the means to do so.

While small businesses are typically able to afford freelancers, the quality of the work produced by freelancers is not always to the standards you might expect. While you may get lucky, as what happened with Nike and their famous “swoosh” logo, chances are you will be getting just what you pay for.

Here are some very serious reasons you should consider taking the services of a digital design company.

You can consolidate your brand and image

Many new businesses suffer from a lack of a strong mission and vision. The lack of this can lead businesses to go after unqualified leads and make decisions that are not in line with their original intentions of the business’s founders.

In most cases, business owners will be forced to consider these when they work with a design agency. To produce assets that are truly effective, an agency must know the client’s niche and their target market, as well as the company’s intent and image of themselves. If you haven’t taken your mission and vision seriously up until this point, you may have to consider it when you get the services of a professional design firm.

You can draw from the varied experiences of the agency’s creatives

Agencies have to stay on top of new developments and constantly rework their capabilities to stay in the game. While this is also true of freelancers and internal teams, the nature of design agency work means that they not only have to live and breathe design, they are in a position to experience the design challenges of many other businesses. This kind of experience is often more valuable than whatever you’re paying the agency.

It’s also rare that a freelancer or internal hire will have the experience and know-how to work competently in a variety of mediums. And those that do, you’re paying agency rates for anyhow. An agency will typically have a number of creatives on board who can perform whatever it is you need, be it video, static web assets, animation, jingles, and more.

You’ll inspire confidence in your brand early on

With well-executed branding and design, your business can seem larger than it actually is, which can allow you to attract customers who are looking for someone they can trust. Most small businesses have significant missteps in their branding by and marketing by not investing in good design. As a result, they have to build word-of-mouth and need more time to catch their stride.

By having a professional design agency handle the crucial parts of your branding early on, you will be able to inspire confidence sooner than you would have otherwise. This means you should be able to grow your business faster than your competition.

You’ll maximize any marketing project

Good branding and design act as a “force multiplier” for any marketing and sales effort. If you have those things covered, you can expect any marketing you do to be more effective. This means that by taking the services of a digital design company, you might actually end up spending less for each qualified lead that your marketing project generates.

What other benefits are there for small businesses to hire creative agencies? Tell us!

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