If you are looking forward to spending more years studying, Singapore has top-notch schools where you can take your graduate program. Aside from being a tourist spot, Singapore is also known for academic excellence in Southeast Asia. It has high standards of learning and good schools which can make your education better by form and substance. If you are not yet convinced to take your masters in Singapore and you want to know the costs first, here are some helpful details.

Cost of graduate program in Singapore

The average fees for a master’s degree in Singapore costs around S$35,000 or USD $25,950 with a course length of 1-2 years. The academic year for this degree is usually from August to July. You may choose where you want to be admitted. There are public and private universities to choose from. 

The exact cost of the program will depend on your specialization. For example, you may opt for a master’s in business management, tourism management, or safety and environmental management. Taking your master’s degree in Singapore is not as costly as it may seem to be considering the standards of education in the country.

What other costs should you consider?

Aside from the cost of the program, you also need to consider additional expenses, especially if you are not originally from Singapore. You should consider the cost of living as you stay in the country to finish your program. Your monthly expenses would be around S$800 or USD $575 exclusive of rent. 

The cost of an apartment will depend on the location. If you intend to stay near your school, the rent is higher compared to other locations like in the North or East. Those apartments located in Central are usually expensive. If you want to save, find an apartment in the North or East areas and just take the public transportation going to your school.

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