Although palazzo is a more modern indo-western style it pairs well with a kurta. The kurti and palazzo match give you an elegant, stylish and sophisticated style depending on how you dress it. Palazzo pants are tricky when it comes to styling them. The flare at the hemline attracts the attention from the whole outfit when you do not style it well. Kurti dress has many designs and most of them complement palazzo pants well as long as the style, print and the hemline of the kurti matches the one on the palazzo

Here are some kurti that go well with palazzo pants to create a modern kurti-palazzo vibe

Bright asymmetrical kurti

Asymmetrical kurti have an undefined hemline. Do not go for a basic high-low if you want your look to stand out. Asymmetrical shapes can range from basic shapes like the triangle, concave shapes and undefined shapes. Pair an asymmetrical kurti of your choice with a pair of palazzo pants for a modern casual look. The highest cut of the kurti should be thigh high while the lowest cut goes up to the knee.

Layered kurti

The layered kurti is famously worn in festivals and religious ceremony. For a modern chic look, you can pair a floral layered kurti with a block colored palazzo. Ensure the lowest layer of your kurti is knee-length so it doesn’t hide the flare of the pants. Complete the look with a pair of wedges or some sandals

Anarkali kurti

Anarkali kurti
The anarkali kurti is commonly worn to religious events and traditional festivals.  For a more ethnic look, you can go for an anarkali kurti with embroideries and embellishments or old school prints. Choose a more traditional material, like silk, linen or crepe, for both the anarkali kurti and the palazzo pants to make it a complete look. You can pair it with heels for a work-appropriate look

Shirt- style kurti

The shirt style kurti is a western inspired design. It is famous among college students, and generally young people. The neckline has a collar and some have buttons running down from the collar to the hemline. The hemline of this kurti is just like that of a basic polo shirt. When paired with palazzo pants and some converse rubbers, it gives off a street wear vibe.

A-line kurti with a front cut

The a-line kurti has a gorgeous cut that goes with almost any body type. When paired with palazzo pants, it gives off an elegant, sophisticated, and fashionable look. The slit should run from the waist to the hemline of the kurti. It gives people a chance to see the beautiful design of the palazzo pants. Ensure your palazzo pants have a medium flare that rimes with the a-shape of your kurti. a plain block-colored palazzo with a printed kurti work best for this design

Straight cut kurta with fancy sleeves

Straight cut kurta with fancy sleeves

Fancy sleeves are currently topping the trend in the Indian fashion world. They are a western look but complement the kurta well. When going for a fancy sleeve, make sure it matches your body type. Some of the fancy sleeves that go well with kurta include fringed sleeves, puffed sleeves, kimono sleeves and slit sleeves. Sleeves can make your whole look casual, formal, simple, elegant and sophisticated at the same time. Ensure the flare of your palazzo pants do not outmatch your sleeve design to balance the whole look.

 Digital straight jacket style kurti

A digital print kurti goes well with almost any bottoms. Digital prints are in style and come in almost any shapes and sizes. A-line and straight kurtis are the best when it comes to digital prints. Get a digital print straight kurti from Stylecaret and pair it with a palazzo for a cool modern look. Choose a palazzo with a medium sized flare.  If you like, go for a sleeveless digital print kurti for a modern indo-western look.

Waist-cut kurti

This is my favourite style when to come to modern fashion trends. A waist cut kurti is simple, trendy and will make your outfit appear sophisticated and elegant. Choose a kurti with fancy sleeves to make the look more eye-catching.  Bishop sleeves, flared sleeves, bell sleeves and kimono sleeve will match the flare of your palazzo pants. The prints, pattern and bold colors should be on the kurti while the palazzo pants remain block-colored and simple. Finish off this look with a pair of modern fancy heels.

Floral pleated and flared kurta.

Floral pleated and flared kurta

Flares and pleats are simple designs but when paired with palazzo pants they create a whole new look. You can wear this look to college, work and social events. The floral or flared kurti should fit your waist perfectly and have a consistent flare. For work, you can combine block colors or go for a monochrome look. For a casual look, chose a bright color for your kurti, with either prints and patterns and a palazzo that matches one of the colors of your prints. This look is simple but it shows your creative side.

Sheer kurti with floral prints

A sheer kurti is good for summer weather. It keeps you cool while still maintaining a modern style.  Wear a spaghetti, crop top or bralette below the sheer to avoid exposing too much skin. For this look, the sheer should be bold colored while the palazzo pants should be light in color. You can choose an embroidered sheer kurti, a floral kurti or a fancy print with a plain palazzo.

Side slit kurti

Side slit kurti

Any kurti can have side slits but not all will complement a palazzo. The kurti has to be straight cut, fitting at the torso and with plain sleeve; either long or elbow sized. This look is modern and gives of a casual, street wear and sophisticated depending on how you dress it. for this look, get a bright colored kurti with plain palazzo pants.

Final word

This information will help you find a perfect style of kurti palazzo ensemble for your wardrobe. Make sure the colors and prints do not contrast when picking out your outfit.