Few things are as beautiful and relaxing as drinking your coffee while sitting in your beautiful garden, sharing a barbecue with family and friends, or watching your children play on the grass.  The freshness and colorfulness that they transmit cannot only decorate our spaces but also to relax and even raise our spirits on difficult days. Logically, one of the essential elements in creating and maintaining a good garden is the grass. There is no way a garden can look good with a neglected lawn. If you have noticed that your garden is no longer the same, it may be because of compaction.

Compaction is due to the high traffic on the lawn. When your garden area is in high traffic, or you have had an event with many people. These small spaces exist in the soil and allow air circulation, water, and nutrients to the roots of the grass and plants are compacted, eliminating these spaces, so it is customary to observe the following signs:

  • A lower growth rate is observed.
  • We have less quantity of grass.
  • The decrease in color.
  • Thinned out lawn, which may even disappear altogether.

Decreased growth affects normal root development, preventing the correct infiltration of the necessary water.

This can be remedied thanks to one of the most effective secrets in gardening about lawn care: yard aeration. Its objective is to recover the structure of the compacted soil.

Yard aeration in nj is nothing more than facilitating the exchange of gases between the soil and the atmosphere. This is achieved by making shallow holes in the ground, which vary between 5 and 15 centimeters deep. The idea is to create a kind of channel that allows air, water, and nutrients to enter, avoiding soil compaction. In this process, it is also essential to eliminate the excess straw or moss that grows between the grass and the soil since these asphyxiate the roots.

So what we recommend is regular aeration and the use of a thatch rake. This will give the grass a healthy appearance, as its roots will be able to spread more easily in soft soil, weaving under the surface to form a heat and drought resistant layer. It will also make it more robust against disease, as the oxygen that comes into contact with the grassroots will prevent the development of fungi.

Here are some additional tips to make aeration even more useful. First of all, the soil should be moist, and the furrows should not be too deep; this will prevent the grassroots from being mistreated. Make cross passes with the aerator to decrease the chance of missing an area of ground. We also suggest aerating the soil in the fall or spring to strengthen the roots before the arrival of extreme temperatures.

Aeration is a task that should be incorporated into the annual maintenance of our gardens and not at all overlooked if we aspire to enjoy the right lawn carpet. It is an arduous and vital work worth doing, the physical effort or the economic investment since it will give us excellent results in the coming months. The process of aeration of the soil has many advantages but can be a bit complicated to perform, especially if it is a large land area. For this, you have specialized yard aeration in nj companies that you can call for this or any other procedure in your garden.

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