Are you trying to hide your WhatsApp dP from some of your contacts?

Let’s find you ways to be invisible on WhatsApp without hurting people’s feelings. You may be one of those people who likes their privacy just as much as I do. I will show you how to block your happy dp or even your sad dp from your Whatsapp contacts on your device.

WhatsApp stalkers are everywhere and sometimes being invisible can solve that for you.

You can hide your WhatsApp dp from people pretty quickly.

How to hide your WhatsApp dp from some contacts without blocking 

This one is super easy. All you have to is first delete that person’s number from your smartphone contact list. Yes, only smartphone but not on your WhatsApp list within.

You see this means that the person’s contact will no longer have a name on your WhatsApp list, but just a random number, that is not part of your smartphone phonebook.

Now, all you have to do is the following;

Go to ‘Settings’

Then to ‘Accounts’

And now to ‘Privacy.’

Click ‘Profile Photo’

Select ‘Contact’s Only’

And, now the person can’t see your Whatsapp dp, and you don’t even have to block them.

How to hide your WhatsApp dp from some contacts?

So here is the deal here, from WhatsApp you can do it. You need to do the following;

Go to settings>Account>Profile Photo>Click My Contacts.

That way only the people on your phone contact list can see your Whatsapp dp.

But, the deal is how do you hide your Whatsapp dp, be it happy dp or sad dp from a specific someone. 

You can do that through a third party application.

You can go to your device App Store and type WhatsNot in the search bar.

Download that software.

Once you have installed it and type in the specific contact, you want to hide your WhatsApp dp from. And that is it.

After doing this, you can send, receive messages or call those people but they will not be able to see your dp.

You can now hide your WhatsApp dp from anybody you want. Being anonymous over the internet and instant messaging apps are something we always have done at some point.

Whether it is because someone was bugging us or maybe you just like your privacy very much, you may way to hide your WhatsApp dp. Whatever the reason may be you can now be as private and incognito as you want.

Safe and anonymous WhatsApping!

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