Whether you like it or not, branding is what gives your business that unique “something” with which you face the world. Some people are creative or lucky enough to stumble upon the perfect solution from the get-go. Others seek help of branding and marketing agencies to build up their original ideas. The instant recognizable that a brand provides is among the strongest weapon any company can utilize. And as always, coming up with something so simple and yet so important is incredibly difficult. Let us plunge into this harsh reality together and see what some of the best strategies you can use are.

Perfection in the name

Of course, the name is something that people generally consider first, sometimes even before preparing any kind of financial planning. The perfect name is not always the one that perfectly explains what you do. The brand is so much more than that. Take Google for example. The name itself is a typo of a word they were planning to use. And yet they are one of the most recognizable brand names in the world today. Don’t stifle your creativity, but be aware that not everyone is Google, either. More importantly, be happy with the name yourself – so that you can put your passion behind it.

What they see is what they (think) they get

If you are satisfied with the name, it is time for the visual identity. Once you choose the dominant colors and fonts, a logo is the next step. Some companies go bold, guns-blazing, some prefer it more down-to-Earth. There is no right or wrong approach – as long as your logo expresses who you are and what your company stands for. After you establish these three elements, you can go all-out on promotional materials as well. Find someone to take care of your business printing needs: business cards, posters, banners, flyers, brochures, you name it. Anything that puts your name out there could be worth the investment.

Be social in a social-network world

With your name and logo, you are set to conquer the world, but you still need to build your identity. What better way to do this than by using social-networks, a practically free way to build audiences? Yes, that is exactly what millions of your competitors are thinking as well. The social media of today requires you to be always putting out fresh content, with 24/7 availability to anyone who might have questions or comments. You need creative people running your smaller campaigns and joint efforts on all the social networks you are part of, in order for campaign to have a larger reach. And one more thing – people today will expect you to have dedicated people for your customer support who respond to inquiries in the least amount of time.

Narrow your target audience down

While you are using social media and building your audiences, remember that it always helps to be more specific. Social networks have tools that help you customize your reach. Perhaps you are aiming your products to stay-at-home mums, or you would like to offer services to executives in large companies – get specific with your potential consumers. Check each platform to see what they offer in terms of ad targeting. For example, Twitter will offer you targeting based on your followers, devices they use, keywords, geography and more. If you successfully reach your target audience, they will start seeing (and recognizing) your brand.

Never settle

If you think you’ve heard these words, you are right. It is the official motto of OnePlus. This once small startup has grown into a formidable company with a very recognizable brand. And let us look at the steps they took. They came up with a catchy name (which does not necessarily mean anything). They created a recognizable look/logo/motto. Their user base grew out of their fan base who were drawn together because of the same interest: an affordable and awesome phone. And this allowed each of their products to outsell the next one. The good old saying claims that you should learn from the mistakes of others – but remember that it is just as equally important to learn from their success.


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