Today, social media is not only an absolute must for most people’s personal lives but also an extremely powerful marketing tool that every business can use in order to gain more repeat customers in addition to acquiring new ones. Traditional marketing strategies involve sending a message to potential customers, but the communication is one way.

Social media is the exception to this, as you have the opportunity to gain important feedback from your existing customers. This knowledge has immense value for your business, as you can find out exactly how you can improve your business and increase sales.

That said, social media is vast and often complex, so it pays to know where to get started. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of simple steps to help you find the most success from the beginning.

Know Where to go First

The number of social media sites is growing every day, with each offering its own unique set of potential benefits and downsides. Using the right platforms from the get-go will ensure your success in the long run as your social media presence grows.

Aside from opting for the most popular platforms with the largest base of users, you should consider your target market and create accounts on those websites first. You should also ensure that the platform is ideal for showcasing your products. For example, Instagram, and Flickr are better for businesses in the photography industry. You can also use this list of top 50 social media sites to select the right platforms for your business.

Post Valuable Content Frequently

If your customers find your page and see that the last post was made weeks ago, they’ll have little reason to follow you. People prefer following accounts that frequently post content as opposed to those that virtually appear dead. However, quantity is only half the story.

Your content needs to provide value. Whether it’s informational posts linking to your blog or how-to videos for your products. You can further increase engagement by hosting contests, lucky draws or giveaways. Additionally, you can offer discount codes or coupons for your online stores that are only accessible through your social media page.

Customer Interaction

People often head to a business’s social media page to vent their frustration or complaints about a company. It’s important to address these issues and not only make an apology but publically offer a solution to their problem. This turns a negative impact on your image into something positive.

Hire a Social Media Marketer

It takes a fair amount of time and effort to realize the full potential that social media can have for your marketing strategy. This is where the help of an affordable and effective social media marketing service saves the day.

Companies such as nearshore software development experts, Kambda, have the expertise to help you create an effective and profitable social media presence from the beginning.

With daily maintenance, custom strategies, and frequent reporting, it’s a worthwhile investment with tangible results.


In today’s economy, the effective use of social media can skyrocket your business and bring in a wider base of customers, while also encouraging repeat-customers in a way that other marketing strategies cannot. If you haven’t created a social media presence yet, now is the time.

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