Do you intend to change your jeep wrangler’s lightbulbs? It’s no more difficult as your thinking. Just all you need to get two easy tools; T15 torque wrench to remove the headlights and flathead screwdriver. Sometimes halogen bulbs are not as efficient as your demand, and it makes an old look in front of the Jeep. Whatever you are choosing out, be aware of picking out the LEDs because of the H4 plugin facility, and you can get an easy setup to change the lightbulbs very easily. Let us talk about the tools you need to accomplish changing lightbulbs and all the techniques to happen in your home garage. Find information about right lightbulbs for jeep and about other car parts and accessories on cararac.

Step: 1

You need nothing, but two essential tools are available in your home garage, and they’re torque wrench and a flathead screwdriver to get the screws out of the outputs. As you can see an amazing grill in front of the Jeep, we need to remove it. Many tutorials are talking about removing inductively coupled charge port, heat pump climate control system, and other wired connection to putting the new headlight bulb, but trust me; you don’t need to do them at any cost. Whenever you intend to replace any lightbulb, you need to remove out the front grille of the Jeep wrangler

If you have been gotten your new LEDs headlight bulb, consider opening the packet, and you will see the instruction book inside. You must be having a pair of Hand gloves in your home garage, right?  Wear them and take out the new headlight carefully and place aside. Now you need to focus on opening the front grill of your Jeep, and you never have to exit any wire connection inside your car. Okay, there are six plastic scoops available on the headlight’s switches.

In case you need to open up the front lid of Jeep. It’s never hard to pop off the scoops because they all are slightly connected to fit the grill so you can easily remove them by using a simple screwdriver.

Step: 2

You can easily popup the six scoops (Almost 98% jeep uses six scoops to tie front grille) using the screwdriver, and once you are done with popping all the screw off, tend to remove the main connection behind the headlight sockets (Inside). It is easy to remove the driver’s sit headlight bulb than removing the passenger’s seat because of having the power steering fluid. Once you’ve correctly done removing the upper scoops.

Before removing out the jeep grille completely, unlock the bottom clips. When the front grille eliminates, keep it aside, and tend to finalize the headlight beam. Each headlight uses 4 screws around it, and you must use the T15 torque wrench to remove the screws to loosen the light.

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Step: 3

After removing the four screws around the headlights, you get the headlight to loosen and out of sockets. As the headlights have a wired connection over the sockets, you will see a red adapter inside the headlight socket after removing the headlight. It will help if you unlock the red clips inside the head sockets as you turned off the bottom of the front grille. After unlocking the Red clips inside the socket, you need it to pull out the headlight connection as like removing an adapter so that you’ll get the headlight separated and in your hands.

When you get the headlight in your hand, remove the bulb behind the headlight and replace it with the new bulb to assure more brightness and more clarity. The one thing you must remember before choosing the appropriate bulb is it must have efficient illumination, reflector, and water/dust-proof system. When you’re replacing a new bulb inside your headlight, please be aware of using gloves so that you can prohibit oily and dust-free screen.  

Step 4:

After placing the new bulb inside the headlight, you must know to set up the jeep sockets like before, right? But, you can face problem to fix up the accurate shape of the headlight. In case, you need to follow the Torx screw that must be placed at the bottom of the socket, or you can find out a new dot behind the latest headlight’s model. Okay, push your headlight inside the sockets and lock them with LED ring bag. Now all you have to do is clipping the 4 screws back inside the headlights to lock the headlight beside the front grilles.  

After securing your headlights well, you must decide to check out the headlights if they are working correctly or not. I think once you lock the red clips inside the sockets perfectly, your light works efficiently. Check before you’re setting up the front grille and locking it again at the right place. If the headlight works as your demand, popup the grille nicely and input the 6 clips you have removed earlier from the upper section of the Jeep’s lid.

Final words:

What’s now? I think you deserve a realistic view trying out yourselves to get the best result of changing the headlight’s bulb easily in the home garage. You can watch a live section like our writings on YouTube with the same title so that you can generate a clear view when working alone. Let us know how’s your experience set up a new bulb inside the headlight. If you have any query to select out the Top LEDs, please leave a question, here in and we shall be with you indeed.

Thanks for reading us.   

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