It’s hard to make everyone in the family happy. This is particularly true if you’ve got a wide range of ages to attend to when planning your vacation. You want the kids to have a wonderful time because you’re sculpting the childhood memories that they’ll recall fondly for years to come. That being said, you also want to make sure that the adults in your vacation party have activities that interest them as well.

Are there places everyone can enjoy? Of course, there are! With a little research at Vacations Made Easy you can find the common ground you need. Here’s how you can choose a vacation destination that’s perfect for your whole family.

Can you get around easily?

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One of the most important issues to take into consideration is how easily you can travel around your vacation destination with the whole family. If your children are older, you can go just about anywhere. However, if your kids can’t walk long distances and require a stroller for daily transportation, this can help you pair down your options. Orlando is a wonderful destination to consider if you’re traveling with small ones. From Disney World to Universal Studios, you’re sure to have a wonderful time.

Orlando understands that many of the attractions in the area are family-oriented, which is why companies like Orlando Stroller Rental exist. Orlando Stroller Rentals is located right next to the theme parks for easy access and returns. You can rent a stroller ahead of time, and all of their equipment is thoroughly cleaned and tested for safety before each use. Their strollers recline for your little one’s naps and even have a canopy to provide them shade. Need a double stroller? No problem. No matter what you want to see in Orlando, you’ll be able to easily sightsee with the whole family.

Do you have enough clothes to get you through the vacation?

When you’re picking a vacation destination, consider what kind of clothing is easy to pack. Summer clothes are lighter and won’t take up as much space in your suitcase. Keeping this in mind, you might not want to take the whole family to see glaciers in the Arctic. Pick somewhere warm and sunny for your adventure.

You don’t want to have to do laundry on your vacation. Vacation should be a time that you get to relax and shirk some of your adult responsibilities. Pack enough clothing for your whole trip. For women, petite maxi dresses are easy to pack and look great no matter if you’re hanging out on the beach or eating in a nicer establishment on the pier.

For beautiful, high quality, versatile vacationing clothes check out White House Black Market. For the small kids, buy some rompers. You won’t have to do the math to make sure your shirt to pants ratio is correct, and there’s less of a chance you’ll forget a piece of clothing when you pack to go home.

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Can you get everyone to the location with as little fuss as possible?

When you’re navigating young children or going with extended families on a big trip, it can be a lot to coordinate. You might not want to break up the whole group on several connecting flights in case someone’s flight gets canceled. Consider keeping everyone together by taking alternative travel methods to your favorite destinations.

If someone in your group is afraid of flying, or you’re worried about having your baby on a plane, getting to Hawaii without flying is still a possibility. Take a cruise over to the islands. You won’t have to bustle around the airport. Keep everyone in tow, relax on the ship, and enjoy the sights.

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