Most people rarely take their time when purchasing mattresses for the little ones. In most cases, they settle for convenience over comfort. Choosing the best mattress for your child is very important. Whether it is a pocket spring mattress or an open coil, you need to understand what it takes to find the best mattress. A peaceful night sleep for the little ones translates to a happy night for the entire family.

Consider the essentials

To obtain the perfect mattress for your kids, you must put important factors into consideration. From firmness, comfort to size, there is so much to consider. We’ll dig deep into some of them.


You cannot ignore the age of your child when buying a mattress for him or her. For the very young ones, you can use crib and toddler bed mattresses interchangeably. Some crib mattresses come with two sides; a firm one used in the crib and another soft side used when the toddler is moved to her own small bed.

If you are making purchase for the bigger kids, think of twin mattresses. Investing in such quality mattresses ensures peace of mind for a couple of years. If you spend considerably less amounts on mattress purchase, you can still buy toppers to ensure it lasts long enough.


Everyone wants their child to have a comfortable, peaceful night sleep. For that to be so, you need a mattress that will provide a mattress that provides maximum support when the child is asleep. When purchasing a mattress for toddlers or smaller children below the age of ten, you should avoid products that are too soft. Instead, opt for innerspring mattresses which do not contain body heat while the kids are asleep.

Extra security measures

For the smaller children, it is advisable to purchase mattresses with waterproof pads. Such mattresses will stand the test of time in case of accidental wetting of the bed. Without such covers, the mattress might not last long enough.


Kids who suffer from allergies should sleep on mattresses with special covers. You have the choice of buying customised mattresses with such provisions. Alternatively, you can purchase mattress covers made of natural, breathable materials like bamboo fibres.

Advisably, you should choose mattresses that comply with US safety and health regulations. Knowing that your child is sleeping on a quality product will grant you additional peace of mind.


For the younger ones, there isn’t much need buying thick mattresses. A product that is 3-6 inches is recommended. They will have an easier time operating on such mattresses. Adding thick mattresses to a bunk bed is a safety hazard. The combination might put your little one very close to the ceiling. Always remember to leave sufficient space between the mattress and the ceiling.

Personal preferences

Some parents prefer particular styles of beds. That’s understandable. In such a case, you will have to choose a mattress that will perfectly fit in the bed you already have in mind. In the end, the choice of mattress for your little one might depend on whether you have a cabin bed or bunk beds.

Best Mattress for Kids Reviews

After considering some of the most important factors when choosing mattresses for kids, narrowing down to specific mattresses would be more appropriate.

Best Price Mattress

For the older kids who enjoy the comfort and softness of a memory foam, this mattress is a great option. The mattress is an assortment of various layers, brought together to guarantee optimum comfort. On top of the layer is a two-inch layer of memory foam. Just below it is two inches of cool foam. The base of the mattress is adorned with high-density foam layer.

Even more interesting, the mattress features pressure relief system technology. This eases pressure in the shoulder and hip, ensuring a wonderful sleep all night long. Best price mattress is made of natural materials free of toxic or foul odours. Since the smaller children spend most of their times sleeping, unlike the average adults, such mattresses are better for them. This mattress should not miss in your list of ten best mattresses to compare for your kid. Investing in this mattress ensures quality sleep for the older kids and younger ones alike.

Signature Sleep Contour

This serves as a wonderful coil mattress for kids. It works best for a toddler who is ready for transition to a kid bed. With this choice of mattress, you do not need a box spring. You can easily rest it on a slated base and the height will still be perfect.

The mattress is an assortment of fifteen encased coil springs. The combination ensures an even weight distribution. The thick layer of foam on top makes the mattress even more comfortable. For your little one who is rapidly growing, this is a great choice of mattress.

Sleep Master iCoil

For a bigger child who will soon be a teenager, a twin-sized mattress is an awesome choice. The presence of inner spring coils ensure the little ones have the required support. All these reasons explain why Sleep Master is a great choice for bigger kids. They will love the comfort while enjoying the durability and sense of elegance.

The presence of iCoil pocketed springs at the bottom of the mattress ensures great comforts. On top of the spring are three different layers of foams. Close to the foam is a microfiber fabric layer. All the contents are nicely wrapped in a nicely knitted jacquard. This mattress has been designed to last; the kind of mattress that will see your kids through to their teen years. If you need an awesome mattress for the bigger kids, this choice will not disappoint.

When choosing a mattress for your kid, it is important to prioritise comfort and durability. Many people simply buy mattresses out of convenience. Do not make the same mistake. Choose a product that will ensure the comfort, safety and happiness of your kid every time he retires to bed. One more tip; invest in a quality mattress protector every time you purchase a mattress.