So you’ve decided to hire a professional wedding video company for your wedding or you’re contemplating whether you should hire a wedding video company. Here is what you should expect from them. To find freelance videographer perth or best wedding videographer Sydney, you can easily search for reviews online.

Your wedding videographers should talk to you in advance on your special day so that they have a good idea of the days schedule and timings. This will mean they are on time and do not miss any of the day’s highlights. If you require them to film while the bride and groom are getting ready then this should be discussed so they know at what time in the morning they should arrive.

Your wedding video company should offer packages and it should be clear what services you get with each package and the cost associated. Some video packages will include options such as interviews and messages from guests and family on the day, you should go through every option of the video package so that it’s clear exactly what you will be getting.

Before your wedding day you should agree on a method of payment with your wedding DVD Company, some companies require money up front and this should be settled before the wedding day. If you don’t pay them up front then they may not turn up as it’s a breach of contract. The time it will take to professionally edit and send the final video to you should also be discussed. Some companies can turn the video around in 2 weeks while other companies can take up to 8 weeks.

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On the day itself your wedding videographers should not get in the way at all, they should film discretely so that they capture the days moments naturally. They should wear suits so that they do not stand out from the guests and fit in with the style of your wedding.

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If you speak to a wedding DVD company and they do not sound personable and polite then it may be an idea to phone a different company, you will need to make sure the videographers are going to be polite as the last thing you want is for them to upset your guests. It’s good if you get on with your wedding videographers as that way you will feel comfortable when they are filming the day’s events and the video itself will appear natural and as true to life as possible.

I recommend that you look at your videographer’s portfolio before deciding on whether to hire them or not, if their past work is of high quality then you can rest assured they will do a good job for you too!